Pupils at Christ Church Primary School Walshaw
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Children who attend 100% are 5 times more likely to work at, or above, the expected standard.

Coming to school everyday allows your child to get the best possible education. We’ll work with you, to help your child attend as much as they can. We’ve got a great attendance, please get in touch if you’re having difficulties.

To encourage and celebrate our children for their great attendance we run regular theme days and other rewards.

Being in school on time and ready to learn is very important! If your child is not in school then they cannot learn and we cannot help them learn.

School opens at 8.45am so that your children have plenty of time to get into school calmly and get themselves ready for learning.

If your child is late into school then they will always be trying to catch up with the rest of the class.

Attendance Data 2023-24

Please see our latest attendance data below 

School attendance

Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Autumn Term
97% 96% 96%
    Spring Term   96%

Group attendance

  Autumn Spring Summer Full Year
All Children 96% 96%    
SEN 95% 95%    
No SEN 97% 96%    
Boys 96% 96%    
Girls 96% 95%    
First Language English 96% 96%    
First Language Other 98% 97%    
Disadvantaged 94% 93%    
No Disadvantage 97% 97%