Pupils at Christ Church Primary School Walshaw
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Our Uniform

All uniform items can be purchased from Monkhouse, either online or from the shop on The Rock in Bury. Non logo items can be purchased easily from other shops. 

It is preferred but not compulsory that school uniform should be worn. The school colours are royal blue and grey. Uniform consists of:

For boys: grey trousers or shorts; sky blue polo shirt; blue round-necked sweatshirt with logo, black school shoes.

For girls: grey skirt, pinafore or trousers (not leggings); sky blue polo shirt; blue round-necked sweatshirt with logo or cardigan, black school shoes.

In summer girls may wear blue gingham dresses (all-in-one playsuits are not encouraged, due to hygiene concerns when using the toilet).

Fleeces with the school logo can be purchased from Monkhouse as an alternative to a sweatshirt.

For P.E: Ideally navy striped shorts, sky blue T-shirt with logo (however any plain  t-shirt and  navy shorts will suffice) and black pumps. A navy hoody and jogging bottoms can be worn in colder weather- one with a logo is available from Monkhouse.  

PE kits should stay in school. Additional kit can be brought if a child is taking part in an after school activity.

For outdoor PE, trainers can be worn. Long hair must be tied back for PE lessons. Earrings should be covered with tape or removed.

Sweatshirts, polo shirts, fleeces, cardigans and P.E. T-shirts, embroidered with the school logo are available from Monkhouse.

All items of clothing must be clearly marked with the child's name please.

School Uniform Ethos

The Government strongly encourages schools to have a uniform as it can play a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school and setting an appropriate tone. 

In setting our uniform policy the Local Academy Committee:  

  • has taken into account the views of parents and pupils on significant changes to school uniform policy;
  • considered the cost, the available supply sources and year round availability of our uniform to ensure it is providing best value for money for parents;
  • has ensured that the PE uniform is practical, comfortable and appropriate to the activity involved, and that consideration is given to the cost of compulsory PE clothing;
  • considered how the introduction of our uniform policy might affect each group represented in the school and any existing supplier

Our FRIENDS parent group collect in and sell items of pre-loved school uniform at very reasonable cost. They have most items of uniform for most sizes. Pre-loved uniform items can be ordered and purchased through their Facebook page (please follow the link on their Friends page under the Parent website tab)- or a request can be made through the school office. The Friends regularly sell pre-loved uniform after school.

We also expect children to have a natural hair colour, a hair style that is not sculpted or shaved, neither nail varnish  nor wearing make-up is allowed. Watches can be worn, but other jewellery is not permitted, apart from a small stud-like earring for pierced ears. False/acrylic nails are not allowed.

We are a Healthy School and in Early Years and Key Stage 1, the pupils receive a free piece of fruit to eat at break time. In Key Stage 2 children are able to bring in a piece of fruit to eat at break, from home, should they wish. No other food items eg cereal bars, snacks can be eaten at break.

Also, to support healthy development and teeth, children can bring in a bottle of water to sip during lessons. The bottle must be sealable, not too big and not leak if knocked over. Water bottles should be taken home for a rinse and refill daily.


The importance of cost consideration

We have ensured that our policy does not discourage parents from applying for a place for their child at Christ Church CE Primary School. We have adopted DfE guidance that states, "No school uniform should be so expensive as to leave pupils or their families feeling unable to apply to, or attend, a school of their choice, due to the cost of the uniform." 

In determining our uniform supplier, we have given high priority to cost considerations. We can demonstrate how best value has been achieved and we will keep the cost of supplying the uniform under annual review. 

We always endeavour to make sure that the  school uniform is easily available for parents to purchase. We are keeping compulsory branded items to a minimum and we always avoid specifying expensive items of uniform eg expensive outdoor coats.

Human Rights, Equality and Discrimination considerations

Some religions and beliefs require their adherents to conform to a particular dress code, or to otherwise outwardly manifest their belief. This could include wearing or carrying specific religious artefacts, not cutting their hair, dressing modestly, or covering their head. Pupils have the right to manifest a religion or belief, but not necessarily at all times, places or in a particular manner.   
The school must balance the rights of individual pupils against the best interests of the school community as a whole. Nevertheless, it should be possible for most religious requirements to be met within our school uniform policy and our local academy committee will act reasonably through consultation and dialogue in accommodating these.  
In formulating our school uniform policy, we have given due consideration to our obligations not to discriminate unlawfully.

Complaints and challenges to school uniform policy

Disputes about school uniforms should be resolved locally and should be pursued in accordance with the school’s complaints policy. We  have a complaints procedure in place to deal with issues such as a complaint about school uniform. Our current uniform supplier is Monkhouse. We have established  an agreed procedure to deal with parental complaints about the supply and quality of uniform with the provider.
The academy partners are willing to consider reasonable requests for flexibility in the uniform policy for an individual pupil to accommodate particular social and cultural circumstances.