Pupils at Christ Church C.E. Primary School - Computing page
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At Christ Church we consider it essential that all our children gain the confidence and ability to prepare them for the challenges of a rapidly developing and changing technological world. We recognise the vital role of technology in supporting and inspiring learning across the curriculum and for our children to have the skills and confidence to make use of computing skills effectively in their everyday lives.

Our vision is: 

  • For all children to become confident and competent users of a range of computing resources and applications to solve problems for a variety of purposes. 
  • To develop a Computing curriculum with learning embedded across the curriculum and discrete learning of skills where appropriate. 
  • For children, parents and staff to understand how to stay safe when using technology and to use technology appropriately.  
  • To use ICT to promote links with parents, governors and the wider community. 

We use the Purple Mash resource to support the teaching of computing in each year group. Please see overview below. 

Computing in the Early Years is embedded across the seven areas of learning. We aim to give our children access to a range of developmentally appropriate practical activities based on first hand experiences as we understand that the everyday skills of computing enable children to develop explore how things work, explore a variety of artistic effects to express ideas and feelings, develop fine motor skills and to understand rules and safety i.e. correct amount of screen time.