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Welcome to the second half of the autumn term. It is always an exciting time for everyone but particularly the staff and children in our Early Years Unit. The term will culminate in our Early Years Nativity Play. In a couple of weeks time you will be informed of your child's role in the production and we will also inform you of any costumes they will require. 


This half term our learning and activities will be based around the themes, 'Underground' and 'Festivals of Light'. Details of the learning opportunities, activities and lines of enquiry the children will be involved in are available to view on the parents notice board. You can also view weekly updates below.


All the important information you will need is available in our newsletter. Copies are available to view on this page and on the parents notice board in the unit entrance hall. You will also receive a copy in your child's book bag. Please ask if you do not receive one.


We are excited to announce that a sports coach will be continuing to work with the children on Thursday mornings. Also, our first Stay n Play session will take place in the week beginning 11th November. A sign up sheet will be available during the second week. As we can only accommodate ten parents or carers per session we advice signing up early if you need a particular day. The sessions are for half an hour at the start of the morning session (afternoon for afternoon nursery children). There will be no session on Thursdays due to PE.


Thank you for all your support during the first half term.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the team.


Thank you in anticipation of your support and help

The Early Years Team


Important Dates


Monday 28th October            School re-opens

Week Beg. 11th November    Parent/Carer Stay n Play sessions

Thursday 21st November       Friends disco in school hall

Monday 25th November         Parent/Carer drop in event from 3.45pm to 5pm

Friday 29th November            Artful Playground production in school for Early Years

Tuesday 3rd December          Tree Decoration Service (all children can bring in a tree decoration to put on the tree)

Wednesday 4th December     Nativity-Details to follow

Friday 13th December            Christmas dinner day, Christmas fair, Christmas jumper day

Tuesday 17th December        Christmas party day

Wednesday 18th December   School closes at 2pm



Phonics/Early Reading

Nursery- Nursery will be working on various aspects of phase 1 including, 'rhythm and rhyme', musical instruments, environmental sounds. Mrs Geelan, our music specialist, will be supporting us with these aspects on Monday mornings.

Reception- This half term Reception class will continue working on phase two of the Letters and Sounds programme. 

Guided Reading for Reception takes place twice weekly and the children will shortly be receiving their first home reading book.

Nursery and Reception are read to daily and we ensure we read a range of texts including rhyme books, poetry, non-fiction, fiction and non-worded picture books. 

The children have access to an attractive reading area which contains a range of texts, comics, soft toys to read to, story puppets and rhyme spoons.


Home Reading Books

Nursery- Will be bringing home a rhyme card to share at home. Details to follow.

Reception- Are allocated one book for their reading bag and one E-book on Phonics Book each week. Please make a comment in their reading record book to let us know if they enjoyed the book; what discussions you had together about the story/information; what other reading has been taking place at home.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about phonics and reading. 



This half term the Reception children will focus on numbers; counting and recognition. They will also look at 2D shapes, their names and properties focusing on shapes in the environment.


This half term the Nursery children will focus on playing with shapes and representing numbers using their fingers, with objects, and with marks on paper. 



All the children have daily access to our outdoor learning environment and a range of physical and sporting activities including balance and two wheel bikes, climbing, balls, netball hoop and running space. In addition we have PE with our sports coach Rick on Thursdays. This half term the Rick is teaching team games.



We are using 'Chatter Boxes' to teach 'Special People' and 'Christmas'. The children are learning our daily prayers and we have a weekly assembly led by Mrs Howard.



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