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Our Vision and Values

Our Trust Vision Statement is Grow together, learn forever.


At Christ Church, our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens. Our mission statement is:


Growing and learning together in Christ


At Christ Church Primary School we aim to:

  • Create an inclusive, happy secure and caring community that celebrates the individual contribution of every child.
  • Promote a positive attitude to learning through enjoyment of school life and in doing so enable children to become confident and independent lifelong learners.
  • Provide an ordered environment that encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own behavior and exercise self-discipline.
  • Offer a stimulating curriculum matched to the needs of each child, enabling each to achieve the highest possible educational standards. We will seek to enable children to think creatively, to solve problems and to develop an enjoyment of learning as a means to making the best possible progress during their time with us.
  • Encourage pupils to explore and develop their Christian faith and gain an understanding and respect for the faiths and beliefs of others.
  • Educate our children to be sensitive, tolerant and caring towards themselves, their peers, the community at large and the environment and to celebrate diversity.
  • Develop positive learning partnerships between home and school, Church, community and link schools so that all are involved and participate in the children’s education.



We aim to create an ethos where children have respect for others, where they are encouraged, praised, find fairness, security, approval, acceptance and friendship and where every effort is made to cater for their individual needs.

The spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of each child will be based upon the values and virtues of our society’s Judaeo-Christian tradition: love of God; love of neighbour; the pursuit of truth and justice; the challenge of service and duty; and the

experience of trust and forgiveness. Our core Christian Values are: Love, Compassion, Truthfulness, Trust, Forgiveness, Service

Friendship, Hope, Respect, Peace, Creativity and Kindness.


These values and virtues find expression in the curriculum, character and life of the school through:

  • Spiritual development which fully recognizes the religious dimension of education throughout the curriculum and in the daily act of worship;
  • Moral development which builds character, enabling each child to have the courage to do what is right;
  • Cultural development which incorporates the Christian heritage of this country as well as the contribution made by other religions and cultures;
  • Mental and physical development which releases each child’s full potential to grow in the image of God.
  • Christian education will be explicit not only about the values underpinning it but also about the beliefs that give rise to those values, deriving from life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Summary Statement


Our school is a Christian community that encourages the faith and educational journey of all its members. We seek to provide high quality teaching and learning within a caring, secure environment where all achievement is recognised and celebrated.