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Our Staff

School Leadership Team

Mr Ian Young, Executive Headteacher

Mrs Sarah Howard,  Head of School

Mrs Helen Jackson, Seedlings Class, Assistant Headteacher (EYFS and KS1 Leader)

Miss Emma Sutton, Cedar Class, SENCo

Mrs. Heather Newby, Larch Class, Key Stage 2 Leader


Picture 1 Mr Young, Executive Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Howard, Head of School
Meet the Team
Picture 1 Mrs Jackson, Assistant Head, Seedlings
Picture 2 Mrs Shivnan-Taylor, Seedlings
Picture 3 Miss Claypool, Teacher, PPA
Picture 4 Mrs Liotti, TA, Seedlings
Picture 5 Mrs Severs, TA, Seedlings
Picture 6 Miss Bell, Teacher, Saplings
Picture 7 Mrs. MacKay, TA, Saplings
Picture 8 Mrs Rothwell, Teacher, Ash Class
Picture 9 Mrs Nuttall, SSA, Elm Class am, TA KS1 pm
Picture 10 Mrs Evans, TA, Key Stage 1
Picture 11 Mrs Bates, TA, Key Stage 1
Picture 12 Miss Sutton, Teacher, Cedar Class
Picture 13 Mrs Holt, Teacher, Cedar Class
Picture 14 Mr Jackson, Teacher, Elm Class
Picture 15 Mrs Saxon, TA, Elm Class
Picture 16 Mrs Newby, Teacher, Larch Class
Picture 17 Mrs Renshaw, TA, Larch Class
Picture 18 Mr. Beck, Teacher, Maple Class
Picture 19 Mrs Hudson, Teacher, Beech Class
Picture 20 Mrs Grundy, TA, Oak Class
Picture 21 Mrs Taylor, School Business Manager
Picture 22 Mrs Ritchie, Senior School Administrator
Picture 23 Mrs Whitham, School Administrator
Picture 24