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Welcome to the Oak Class website page! 


Week beg 30th March

Firstly, thanks so much for all of your posts on Seesaw; I absolutely love seeing what you have been up to and keeping in touch with you while school is closed makes my day!

Also, many thanks for following my request to keep Seesaw FOR SHARING WORK AND LEARNING! It is really important that you keep in touch with your friends, however, and I know many of you have been using Facetime and other means of communication to do just that; keep it up!

Like you, I am adjusting to school being closed and trying to find the best way to set you activities to prevent you from being bored and also to keep your skills sharp for when schools open their doors again, so I have set some activities on this class page for this week and I will also set you some maths and English practice on Seesaw as the week progresses; I hope that suits you.

I look forward to seeing your posts soon, and keep washing those hands!


Activities for the week beg 30th March

* Want to read a good story? Read the story so far of The Conch Bearer (PDF above). Share your book recommendations so we can all enjoy an entertaining story!

* Missing music and singing? At the top of the page (so you can't miss them!) I have uploaded some PDFs; find the music and singing one. There are lots of links you could follow.

* Need a Maths challenge? Again, check out the PDFs above where I have given you some arithmetic and reasoning to get your teeth into. 

* Still not enough Maths?! Access White Rose maths for lots of maths activities. This week, they have focussed on ratio (one of our most recent Topics!) and their activities all include answers with clues if you get a bit stuck.

* Have you been on Purple Mash recently? There is a weekly activity section with lots of ideas and activities for you. You are, of course, welcome to tackle anything on there, not just the weekly activities. 

* This week's research activity: find out about whatever you can about palm oil. What is palm oil, which products is it found in, where is it grown and why is it a problem for the rain forests? I will look out for your responses on Seesaw!

* Some of you thought that Danny's dad's secret (that he poached pheasants) wasn't very spectacular so know I am giving you the power to change Roald Dahl's classic story!! If you were in charge, what would the secret be and how would the story change as a result?

* Do you think CCW's uniform could do with an update?! Design a new school uniform you can even do one for the teachers, too, if you want to!

* Either learn an existing TikTok dance or make up a new one (you absolutely don't need to upload it to TikTok unless you really want to). As a challenge, see if you can teach it to a member of your family! Good luck!

* Make a fort from sheets, blankets, pillows and cushions and put a picture on Seesaw (put everything back afterwards!).

* Share your film, TV programme and book reviews and recommendations on Seesaw to guide others; we would all appreciate being guided to some quality entertainment!


Activities for every week

* Keep up your journal, even if you don't write an entry every day. It will be interesting to look back on in the future.

* Go onto YouTube and search for Rob Biddulph, who is an author and illustrator of children's books.

Follow his online lesson and see if you can draw a Gregosaurus! 

There are lots of other drawing lessons for you to try, too!

* Go onto and stream one of the children's audio books they are offering completely free of charge!

You don't need a password or an account!

Have a look at the Elementary and the Tween section and enjoy a great story without the effort of having to read!

* Get active with PE with Joe.

Joe Wicks is streaming 30 minute PE lessons between 9-5 on his YouTube channel which is called The Body Coach TV.

* Access the Just Dance videos on YouTube.

We had a very energetic time on Friday afternoon joining in with Waka Waka This Time For Africa, Timber and Cotton Eye Joe (you might want to draw the curtains first!) Any new suggestions are gratefully received!

* Have you seen the self-isolating footballers tackling The Toilet Roll challenge?

Many of them have posted their videos on YouTube, and some of the skills are pretty impressive!

If you can find a toilet roll(!), have a go and see what you can do! 

Can you match, or even better, your favourite football star?!

* This is the perfect opportunity to master those time tables using Times Tables Rockstars.

Just 5 or 10 minutes a day will make a real difference, and it's fun!

* Remember to log into Bug Club, too!

I will check it regularly to make sure you have a supply of texts to read.



Mrs Newby





Curriculum News


We will start the Spring 2 term by completing ‘Danny the Champion of the World’ by Roald Dahl then from Week 3 we will be studying a beautifully illustrated book called 'This Morning I Met A Whale' by Michael Morpurgo, which is a work of fiction based upon a real event. The book will allow us to explore important current environmental issues and will be the inspiration for us to write powerful persuasive texts, play scripts and newspaper reports. 

Before Easter, we will also tackle the 2016, 2017 and 2018 end of KS2 SPAG and Reading SATs papers by way of preparation for May's tests.



Our Maths topics for this half term include:

* Calculating averages (with an emphasis on finding the mean).

* Reading information from line graphs and pie charts (including using line graphs to convert miles to km).

* Continuing patterns and solving problems using ratio and proportion.

* Calculating missing angles in a variety of different shapes and diagrams.

* Accurately measuring angles using protractors to draw quadrilaterals and triangles.

* Naming parts of a circle.

* Drawing shapes to a variety of different scales.

Before Easter, we will also tackle the 2017 and 2018 end of KS2 Maths SATs papers by way of preparation for May’s tests.

We will also endeavour to apply our maths skills to problem solving whenever possible and we will also be revising and re-visiting previous maths topics.



This term we are exploring the themes 'Easter - who was Jesus?' 



Our theme is 'Going For Goals' which includes developing stamina and perseverance when obstacles arise. 



The children have made a fantastic start to their study of their interesting Topic, Tomb Raiders, which will continue until the end of term. Our studies will include:

  • Who was Tutankhamun and why was the discovery of his tomb so significant?
  • How would the discovery of his tomb be reported in the newspaper?
  • Was it right to remove his mummy and belongings from Tutankhamun’s tomb (which will inspire the writing of balanced arguments)?
  • What is papyrus and how would our names be written in hieroglyphics?
  • How could we make and decorate Egyptian-style amulets from clay?



PE will take place on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

P.E. lessons will take place on Wednesday afternoons with Daniel, who will be teaching the children the skills needed to play lacrosse, and also on Friday morning with Tim from Lancashire Cricket Club, who will be helping the children to develop their cricket skills.

Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school - including suitable footwear - on these days. Girls with long hair should bring a bobble into school to tie up their hair for health and safety reasons during PE lessons and earrings should either be covered by tape (provided by school) or removed.


Home Reading

Thank you so much for your support with the Reading Challenge which was introduced in January. Many of the children’s bookmarks are rapidly filling up with stickers and they are enjoying earning dojos for their team in addition to raffle tickets for a prize draw (which from now on will be class based so each winner is guaranteed to be in Oak class!).

Just as a reminder, the children should read at home for 15 minutes a day and their Reading Record should then be signed by an adult and returned to school daily. The Reading Records are checked every morning and a sticker is awarded for every signed entry (even at weekends and during holidays!).

The children have the opportunity to visit the school library every Tuesday afternoon to choose a book to take home (they can, of course, keep a book for longer than one week if they want to) and they have daily access to our class library to choose a book to read in school.


Water bottles 

When it is sunny and bright, Oak classroom is very warm, even if the temperature outside is modest! For their comfort, please ensure your child  has a water bottle in school every day.


Booster Classes

We have made arrangements for a series of eight Booster classes which will be held on the following dates:

Monday 24th February

Monday 2nd March

Monday 9th March

Monday 16th March

Monday 30th March

Monday 20th April 

Monday 27th April

Monday 4th May

When school finishes at 3:30, the children will be offered a drink and a small snack with teaching resuming at 3:45.

Booster sessions end at 4:45.

I will be joined by Mrs Howard, Mr Beck, Mrs Hudson and Mr Jackson so we will be able to split the class into groups of just seven children which will allow us to personalise support and really tailor teaching to the children's learning needs. 


Weekly Homework

Most of the class are now into the habit of completing and returning their weekly Maths or English homework to school by Friday; thank you for your assistance and support in this matter! Weekly homework will also continue during the Spring 2 half term.





Home Learning Challenges

Christmas Jumper Day

Home Learning Challenge Models