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Summer Term Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the summer term!

School is still rather different from usual but we are continuing to work hard, support each other and make the most of this unique time. 

All of the adults at school miss you all very much and are sorry we can't be doing the wonderful activities together which we had planned to do, but we are all so proud with the way you are coping, keeping your spirits up and persevering with your home learning; you are amazing! 


At the top of this page are links to BBC Bitesize Daily lessons, The Oak National Academy and White Rose Maths, which all offer excellent lessons in maths, English and Foundation subjects.


As I did during the first part of the summer term, I will set you some specific learning each week and also give you the answers to the previous week's work. These are also near the top of the page so you can find them easily.


Since school closed in March, we have been steadily working through our 10 Minute SATs Buster books.

If you have been diligently tackling one test each week, you will have already finished all of the SPAG tests and your Maths and Reading challenges for this week are:

Maths: Set C Test 2 pages 41-43

Reading: Set C Test 1 pages 40-42 The Lion and the Hare

I will post the answers on Seesaw each Friday.

If you have missed a week or managed to get ahead, don't worry as you can always send your answers to me on Seesaw for marking, or look back through the assignments on Seesaw until you find the answer sheet you need.


Remember you can still access Bug Club - in fact, we have very competitive weekly challenges to see who can read the most books in one week and also who can provide the most accurate answers to the questions!

Weekly winners are announced on Seesaw.

Any time spent on TTRS is time well spent! You will still need your times tables at High School (and beyond!) so ten minutes a day would make a real difference.


If you scroll down the page past Curriculum News, you will see that I have uploaded some Writing Booklets for you to read and action if you like the look of the offered activities.


A little further down the page, you will also find collections of all of the activities and missions I set for you last half term for: arithmetic, reasoning, comprehension, SPAG, Raging Rivers and Evolution and Inheritance.

Please feel free to access any of these if you didn't have the opportunity to do so when they were initially set.


Try hard, look after yourselves and your family and keep smiling!


Mrs Newby


We hope you are enjoying having a go at some of the suggested Home Learning activities.

If you are working online, don’t forget to be safe and savvy! 

Never give personal information to anyone! Think about the safety of what you are sharing or posting if you are online or on your phone.

Do not share your school log-ins or change your log-in details. We won’t ask you to do that.

Make sure you are accessing online material that is relevant for your age and tell an adult at home if you come across something that is not suitable for you, or if someone is trying to contact/talk to you that is not someone you know.

You can contact your teacher through Seesaw if you feel vulnerable or worried, or contact Childline 0800 1111.

Useful reminders about Online Safety are at


Curriculum News


While we are unable to attend school, each week on our class page I will set you some English and SPAG work to tackle, and I will also provide the answers to the previous week's work.

I will also set some additional assignments on Seesaw during the week.

Other English activities include:

  • Bug Club reading and comprehension activities
  • Reading activities in the 10 Minute SATs Buster test books  
  • BBC Bitesize Daily English lessons (see above for the web link)
  • National Academy English lessons - five new lessons each week presented by a teacher (see above for the web link)





Each week, I will set you an arithmetic and a problem solving activity on the website and provide you with the answers the following week.

I will also set some additional assignments on Seesaw during the week.

Other Maths activities include:

  • Maths 10 Minute SATs Buster book
  • Whiterose maths - five new lessons each week with an explanatory film (see above for the web link)
  • BBC Bitesize Daily Maths lessons (see above for the web link)
  • National Academy Maths lessons - five new lessons each week presented by a teacher (see above for the web link) 



Our Science topics for the summer 2 half term are The Circulatory System and also Classification.

Just like last half term, I will set you a weekly mission - sometimes with resources to help you! 

Every time I study this topic, it reminds me how amazingly complex and clever our bodies are and makes me more determined to look after mine better; I hope you enjoy studying this topic, too!



We will continue with our RE studies when we return to school.



We will continue with our SEAL studies when we return to school.



Our Topic for the summer 2 half term is Why Do People Visit The Mediterranean?

Just like last half term I will set you a new mission each week on our class page.

You are welcome to use your imagination and creative skills to present your work however you like before photographing it and sharing with me on Seesaw.



Try these:

  • The ever popular PE with Joe Wicks
  • Cosmic Yoga
  • Challenges set by coach James (links to these on the website - Go4it Sports)
  • Daily walk
  •  The Joy of Moving  - link to booklet at the top of the page
  •  Let's Dance videos on Youtube
  •  TikTok dances


Home Reading

Reading is so important for so many reasons and is a brilliant way to relax and escape into a brilliant story.

  • There are lots of books available to enjoy on Bug Club
  • If you have a Kindle, ask your parents if you can download a new book
  • Re-read an old favourite from your book shelf
  • Remember that audible are offering free audio books for children during Lockdown (search audible free children's stories)
  • There's some fabulous Jackanory episodes (ask your parents!) to watch on YouTube
  •  Let me know your book recommendations and I will add them to the class page for other to enjoy



Home Learning Challenges

Christmas Jumper Day

Home Learning Challenge Models