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Welcome To The Oak Class Web Page

We hope you have had a lovely break over Easter and you have managed to have a nice break. I am looking forward to seeing you all back in for your final summer term.


Important Dates

Monday 25th April- Robinwood and SATs meeting.

* Monday 9th May- SPAG SAT

*Tuesday 10th May- Reading SAT

*Wednesday 11th May- Arithmetic and Reasoning 2 SAT

*Thursday 12th May- Reasoning 3 SAT

*Wednesday 18th May-Friday 20th May- Robinwood.


Please note that as part of the school's on-going measures to guard against Coronavirus and following the Government's advice, we need to keep doors and windows open for ventilation so please consider sending your child to school wearing a vest and/or long-sleeved t-shirt under their uniform and girls might want to wear woolly tights or switch to trousers during the winter months.



School Day Reminders

* The school day for Oak Class begins at 8:50 am and ends at 3:30 pm.

* PE is now on Tuesday and Wednesday: Your child will get changed at school. Please dress appropriately for the weather, no football kits. 


Below you will find the information regarding the curriculum coverage. 


Mr. Beck, Mrs Grundy and Mrs Nuttall. 


If you are working online, don’t forget to be safe and savvy! 

Never give personal information to anyone! Think about the safety of what you are sharing or posting if you are online or on your phone.

Do not share your school log-ins or change your log-in details. We won’t ask you to do that.

Make sure you are accessing online material that is relevant for your age and tell an adult at home if you come across something that is not suitable for you, or if someone is trying to contact/talk to you that is not someone you know.

You can contact your teacher through Seesaw if you feel vulnerable or worried, or contact Childline 0800 1111.

Useful reminders about Online Safety are at 


Curriculum News


We will continue to study ‘Danny the Champion of the World’ by Roald Dahl. The novel is about Danny, who thinks the world of his widowed father and is completely amazed to discover that his good, kind and clever father is actually a law-breaker! Together, they hope to pull off the most daring plan ever, and to exact revenge against the appalling Mr Hazell! The book will be the inspiration for us to write newspaper reports, diaries, instructions, summaries and recounts.



Children will be given a new spelling list every Monday. Children will be expected to practise the spellings both in school and at home ready for the test every Friday.


In our SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) lessons, we will:

  • Look at different sentence types- question, command and statements.
  • To understand different homophones and homonyms.
  •  Revise present and past perfect tense.
  • To understand what the subject and object of a sentence is.
  • To understand active and passive voice.



Our Maths topics for this half term include:


  • Angles in triangles
  • Angles in quadrilaterals
  • Angles in a circle
  • Drawing quadrilaterals
  • Drawing Triangles
  • Drawing nets of 3D-Shapes


Position and Movement

        · Negative numbers

        · Describing position

        · Describing translations

        · Describing reflections

       · Describing movements.


Graphs and Averages

· Understand averages

· Calculating the mean

· Reading pie charts

 · Reading line graphs

· Converting miles into kilometres.


During each topic, there will be opportunities to apply learning to problem solving.



We will finish off the Evolution topic and then move on to ‘Living Things and their Habitats.’

We will be learning about:

  • Classifying Animals
  • Classification Keys
  • Classifying Plants
  • Micro-Organism Investigation
  • Classifying Micro-Organisms
  • Linnaeus Classification



This half term topic is Ascension and Pentecost.

Key Questions:

· Why are these two events so important?

· What is the impact of these events then and now?

· In what ways do these events and beliefs make Christianity distinctive?



We will be focusing on the topic of 'Rights and Responsibilities'.

 · Jobs have different levels of pay

· Different types of tax

· Voluntary, community and pressure group

· To research an environmental organisation

· To create a campaign bid for an environmental organisation



We will be finishing off ‘Why People Go to The Mediterranean?’

Then will be learning about 'What did the Greeks do for us?’

Below is an overview of the topic:

· Who were the Ancient Greeks?

· Ancient Greek Democracy.

· Ancient Greek Olympics.

· The Battle of Marathon.

· Greek Gods and Goddesses.

· The Trojan War.



I am delighted that our team of professional coaches will be leading Oak Class's PE lesson every Wednesday afternoon and the Year 6 teaching team will lead the PE lesson every Tuesday morning. For safety reasons, long hair should be tied back for PE and earrings either removed or taped over for safety (tape is supplied by school). It would be a good idea to check the weather forecast so they can dress appropriately (no football kits allowed).



Your child will be given two homework books and two pieces of homework will be set every Friday and they will need to return it by the following Friday. Your child should be reading every night for fifteen minutes and their library book will be changed every Wednesday. Remember to practise your spellings for the test on Friday.


Do not forget to check out the school's Twitter page for regular updates and information.


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