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Top Tips for Home Learning

Dear Parents and Carers,


We know that some of you might be feeling overwhelmed at having to complete more home learning activities with your child(ren) and we would like to share some top tips with you. We hope that you find the information useful and we are looking forward to seeing some of the learning that has taken place.

  • Be realistic-the class pages are filled with activities to give you a choice but we don’t expect you to complete them all!
  • Turn off distractions-if you are trying to complete a piece of work with your child use a quiet space if you can.
  • Learning is fun! Enjoy spending time as a family by doing things like baking, gardening, playing board games, exercising or reading outside.
  • Reluctant children might respond to an agreed merit system. In school we award merits for excellent pieces of work so you could maybe work towards a goal (family movie night at the weekend perhaps!)
  • You could agree a couple of activities in the evening for the following day so that your child knows what they will be asked to complete. Perhaps they could choose one activity and you could choose the others?
  • Create and stick to a routine if you can. This is what children are used to. For example, eat breakfast at the same time and make sure they're dressed before starting the ‘school’ day – avoid staying in pyjamas!
  • We will not set new work over what would be the Easter holiday, but a lot of the work suggestions can be followed up, daily activities such as Bug Club and Times Table Rockstars and there is fantastic work for each year group at BBC Teach,



Finally, please remember that we are all in this together. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us by email at


Thank you for your continued support,


With very best wishes

Mrs Howard and the Christ Church Staff