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Save Bury Schools campaign

The Friends and school would like to support the Save Our Bury Schools campaign on Friday 5th July. 


Save Bury schools is a campaign of parents and grandparents and members of the community calling for a proper funding settlement for Bury schools.

Since 2010 our schools have suffered from real term cuts as funding per pupil has dropped.

Our schools and kids deserve better than this.

This summer Philip Hammond, Chancellor of Exchequer is doing a “spending review”. This plans money for long term projects.

We want the Government to provide an adequate funding settlement for schools in Bury and beyond to guarantee a decent education for all.


You can sign the petition here:


The campaign is a national one. Schools like Christ Church and Lowercroft have seen their already low budget share decrease even further this year. 

The Friends have suggested that we ask the children to draw round their hands and write in five things they value about their school. We will then send some of these to the campaign. (no names on) I'd also like to try to get the children to link up around the school!