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Parent Partner Election



We are looking to appoint a Parent Partner to the Local Academy Committee  (Governors).  Any parent with a child on the register of this school (including the nursery) may stand as a candidate by completing the attached form and returning it to me by the date shown.  You may nominate a candidate or you may nominate yourself if you wish. No specific prior knowledge is required, and volunteers have a range of skills and backgrounds.

The Local Academy committee works closely with the Head Teacher and staff to ensure the best provision is in place for all the pupils at Christ Church.

Attached to this letter are the guidelines under which any member of the Local Academy Committee will be held accountable under the Trust and a nomination form. We can print a form for you, if needed.


Who is not eligible to be a Parent Partner?

A person is disqualified from being a Parent Partner if they are an elected member of the Local Authority or paid to work at the school for more than 500 hours (i.e. for more than one-third of the hours of a full-time equivalent) in any consecutive twelve-month period (at the time of election or appointment).


How to make a nomination

Please use the attached nomination form which should be returned to Mrs Howard at school no later than the close of school on Friday 17th June 2022. Nominees should submit a statement to support their candidacy.  The statement should be around 100 words in length and will be sent out with the ballot papers should a ballot be required.  Statements can be returned with the nomination form or at a later date if required for a ballot.

If we receive more nominations than Parent Partner vacancies, then it will be necessary to hold an election by ballot so that all of our parents can choose who will be the Parent Partner on the Local Academy Committee.  If we only receive the same number of nominations as there are vacancies that nominee will be elected unopposed and a formal ballot will not be required.  We will inform you if a ballot is required or who has been elected unopposed as appropriate as soon as practicable after the deadline for nominations has passed.

Yours sincerely


Mrs S Howard

The Returning Officer