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Letter to Parents from Julien Kramer, LA

Please read this letter from Julien Kramer to all parents of children attending Bury schools:

 Date 2 February 2021

Please ask for Julien Kramer

Direct Line 0161 253 5477


Dear Parent/Carer


Since January the majority of Bury pupils have been receiving remote learning at home. Thank you for everything you are doing to keep your children connected with their learning through their school’s offer. We recognise that this is challenging for many parents. Special schools and alternative provision remain open to all pupils. Mainstream schools are open to vulnerable pupils and to children of critical workers, where it not possible for them to remain at home or be supported either through a ‘childcare’ or ‘support’ bubble.

Remote Learning

The remote learning offered by each school will vary from school to school and for different age groups. The government has produced guidance stating ‘what works well in one type of school may not be suitable for other kinds of school’. Remote learning does not necessarily mean your child’s teacher will be teaching face-to-face online lessons, although there may be some of this during the week. Some of the online learning may involve completion of tasks for your child to send back to school digitally, or he/she may be asked to watch some pre-recorded content. Ofsted’s short guide on ‘What’s working well in remote education’ highlights that the ‘quality of teaching is far more important than how lessons are delivered’ and that ‘different approaches to remote education suit different types of content and pupils.’ It is important that screen time is managed for both pupils and teachers and that schools continue to build in opportunities for feedback to pupils on their learning.

We know that schools are developing creative ways to ensure that their pupils continue to feel part of their school community.

Opening of schools

On 27 January, the Prime Minister announced the hope that schools will begin to re-open from Monday 8 March. With the exception of February half-term, Bury schools will continue to remain open for vulnerable children and children of critical workers and will continue to provide a remote learning offer. The government has confirmed that schools will be closed to all pupils for the February half term however school staff will still be needed for contact tracing.

Schools are taking decisions in the best interests of the whole school community based on the latest guidance. I ask that you support them, and each other, by respecting these decisions and by continuing to follow the lockdown restrictions.

The partnership between schools and parents has never been more important. Thank you for everything you are doing to support our schools at this time. I hope that you and your family enjoy some quality time together during the half-term.

Yours sincerely

Julien Kramer

Interim Assistant Director, Education and Inclusion Children and Young People