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Handwriting and Presentation

As handwriting is an important part of the ‘New National Curriculum’ and integral to the presentation of pupils work throughout school, we have introduced a ‘Pen Licence’ to key stage 2 pupils.

All staff work really hard to encourage pupils to join their handwriting on a daily basis. We currently follow the Nelson Handwriting cursive scheme with reception pupils upwards.

We reward children with a ‘Pen Licence’ once they have developed a consistently neat style of handwriting and can confidently move on to using a pen for their writing. (Please note that in all instances, we request that children use pencil only for any aspect of mathematics, so that calculations can be more easily corrected).

In order to encourage pupils to try hard with their handwriting and presentation the pen licence will be given to pupils, together with a Pentel ENERGELX black retractable gel roller pen (our chosen brand after several trials because of the pen’s grip, durability and ultra-smooth writing feel) so this is a very special achievement!

The pupils will also receive a pen licence in the form of a credit card and will hopefully take pride in their licence and display it on their desk when writing. A certificate home will allow parents to celebrate their child’s achievement in school and inform you of their success.

To get their pen licence, children need to consistently demonstrate:

  • That they can form all letters of the alphabet correctly

  • Neat joined handwriting at all times

  • Good posture at their tables and a comfortable pencil grip

  • An excellent attitude towards writing.

    At Christ Church, the aim is for all children to be using pen as soon as possible but certainly by the end of the spring term in Year 5 at the very latest.

    If you have any questions about this new emphasis on handwriting and presentation, or if you would like to purchase additional pens (these will be sold at cost price and not for profit) for your child to use at home,  then please contact the school office.