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Friends Sponsored Pancake Flipathon!


Sponsored pancake flip.


Tuesday 16th February is Shrove Tuesday. We thought a sponsored pancake flip would be a fantastic chance for us to raise some money, safely and in our own homes.


FSU and KS1 - Can you flip a pancake 50 times?


KS2 - We challenge you to flip your pancake 100 times!


We would love to see your photos aswell - either get your parent/carer to share them on the Friends FB page or to email us


Ask your family and friends to sponsor you. They might want to give you some money per flip or they may prefer to give you a set amount. You could collect cash if it’s easier (and return it in an envelope to your class teacher when you return to school) otherwise we have set up a justgiving account which you can also share with friends and family.


We really need to raise some more money towards the adventure playground. Being outside is important for everyone right now and you all want to enjoy the special time you have with your friends at school. Let’s see how much we can raise with a series of different virtual events this year.


Please be very careful - make sure your pan isn’t hot and make sure someone is with you to supervise this.


Enjoy your pancakes afterwards - what will you have with yours - chocolate spread, syrup, sugar, lemon, ice cream....?