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Considerate Parking

I have been informed by Bury Council that they have received a high volume of complaints from residents on Moyse Avenue and Collins Street who are concerned about the number of parents who have children attending our school and are choosing to park irresponsibly and discourteously outside their homes at the start and end of the school day.


The residents are seeking action to address the obvious safety issues that arise when a minority of parents choose to park on the kerbside in front of resident’s drives. In addition, the frequency of reported verbal disagreements between residents and parents is very concerning and I feel that I need to inform all members of our school community once again of the action that is being taken to address this matter.


The complaints from residents are about people parking on the corner of Moyse Avenue, making it impossible to turn into the avenue, double parking thus causing an obstruction, parking on double yellow lines and parking so far onto the pavement that the children and other pedestrians cannot walk past safely.

The residents have been advised by the police to take down the car registration numbers of all offenders.


The police have assured residents and have reinforced with myself that referral of the worst offenders will be followed up by a home visit. I have also been asked to inform all of our parents that the parking situation is being monitored and that parking wardens will be around to enforce penalty notices.


There are a number of planned visits arranged for the next three weeks and for immediately after Christmas. Fixed penalty notices will be issued to all offenders found breaking the law! My advice is to park more courteously and preferably not on Moyse Avenue!