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I hope you have had a lovely break over half term? Autumn 2 is a busy but exciting time of the year and the countdown to Christmas begins. 


Important Dates 

  • Friday 29th November - Trip to watch pantomime (Oldham Coliseum) a separate letter will be sent home with full details very soon.
  • Tuesday 3rd December - Our Christmas tree decoration assembly. Children are welcome to bring in a decoration from home to adorn the tree but PLEASE label the decoration clearly with your child's full name so that it can be safely returned at the end of the festive period.
  • Friday 6th December- Trip to Quarry Bank Mill to support the industrial revolution topic.
  • Monday 9th December - Mrs Geelan's choir to sing at the Hospice carol service.
  • Friday 13th December – Christmas dinner in school. Separate information about how to order this special meal will be sent home soon.
  • Monday 16th December - Annual carol service starting at 6:30 pm.
  • Tuesday 17th December - Christmas party day! We will display a food sign-up sheet the week before the party.
  •  Wednesday 18th December - last day in school before the Christmas holiday. School closes at 2:00.


Our curriculum focus this half term will be:



We will start the term off by looking at the genre of short stories using Short! by Kevin Crossley-Holland. Children will plan & write short mystery stories elaborating by use of descriptive words.


For the rest of the term we will read 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar. This book has as its main character Bradley, a ‘bad’ boy who is always in trouble. We get right into Bradley’s heart and mind in this narrative, offering readers ways to discuss issues of friendship, bullying, and the links between self esteem, behaviour and learning. 


The overall aims of this teaching sequence:

  • To enjoy exciting stories with memorable characters.
  • Draw inferences about characters' feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions and justifying inferences with evidence.
  • To explore dilemmas, emphasising with characters.
  • Explain and discuss understanding of what has been read. 
  • To write a range of texts in role based on fictional experiences. 
  • To write own stories based on the story read: describing settings, characters and atmosphere, and integrating dialogue to convey character and advance action.



We will be looking at different spelling rules and patterns every week then will be tested on the rule each week. However, children will need to learn the rule as no spellings will be sent out to practise.


week 1: suffix 'ence'.   e.g. obedience, patience.

week 2: suffix 'ancy'.  e.g. expectancy, accountancy.

week 3: suffix 'ency'.  e.g. urgency, frequency.

week 4: suffix 'ation'.  e.g. observation, rotation.

week 5: suffix 'ise'.     e.g. turquoise, improvise.

week 6: suffix 'ify'.      e.g. classify, disqualify.

week 7: suffix 'ate'.     e.g. accommodate, communicate. 


Guided Reading

Each group will have two guided reading sessions and a comprehension session each week . These books won’t be sent home as they will be needed at school. However, the children will have a book from the school library to take home as it is imperative that children are reading for pleasure and continuing to develop their reading and comprehension skills (bring to school on a Tuesday to be changed every two weeks). We will also focus on comprehension activities throughout the week.



Using the Maths- No Problem scheme of work we will be focusing on: multiplication and division; word problems; graphs and fractions


Science- Separating Mixtures.

In this unit children will learn about the separation techniques of filtering, sieving and evaporation. They will use sieves to separate materials of different sizes. They will learn that some substances (such as candyfloss) dissolve in water whilst others (such as dried herbs) do not. They will learn that they can separate a dissolved solid from a solution through evaporation of the liquid. They will consolidate and apply their knowledge of the properties of solids, liquids and gases by separating different mixtures.


Topic- What was the impact of the industrial revolution on our lives?

To be able to identify the importance of rivers in the Industrial Revolution.

To be able to understand how the British landscape changed during the Industrial Revolution.

To be able to identify patterns in the movements of the Luddites.

To be able to identify how the British Empire grew during the period of the Industrial Revolution.

To research the great exhibition and begin planning an invention.

To plan and make a new invention that will help with your daily life.




Lessons take place on Monday with Mr. Beck and Wednesday morning with the sports coach.

Please ensure FULL PE kit including suitable footwear is in school on these days, particularly if it has been home for washing or used in an after-school sports activity. No football kits.

Long hair should be tied back and earrings either removed or taped over for safety.



Sacred texts:

Children will learn that the Qur’an is the sacred scripture of Islam and that Muslims believe it is the final word of God. They will also be developing an understanding of the differences between special and sacred.

key questions from 'The Torah'- How does/can a holy book affect the life of a person? Why are rules important?


Home Learning Challenge

See homework book- to be handed in on Monday 9th December, linked to our topic 'What was the impact of the industrial revolution on children's lives'.


Maths homework

Please see the links below for the different online games focusing on multiplication and divisions and also your child is registered to Timetables Rockstar's.


Don't forget to check out the school's twitter page for regular updates and information.



Mr. Beck and Mrs Grundy

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