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Welcome To The Maple Class Web Page


Welcome to the Maple Class page!

We are really looking forward to getting to know the children and working with you this year.

Please scroll down for what we hope will be useful information about the Autumn 1 half term. 


Mrs Newby, Mrs Saxon and Mrs Chester


Please note that as part of the school's on-going measures to guard against Coronavirus and following the Government's advice, we need to keep doors and windows open for ventilation so please consider sending your child to school wearing a vest and/or long-sleeved t-shirt under their uniform during cool spells.


Dates For Your Diary

* Monday 6th September: Autumn 1 half term begins. Week 1 will be in the Cabin but then we will be back in our lovely classroom!

* Tuesday 14th September: Meet The Teacher meeting on Zoom.

* Tuesday 21st September: Individual photographs.

* Thursday 7th October: Maple class trip to Quarry Bank Mill - please see separate letter for further information.

* Monday 11th and Wednesday 13th October: Parents' Evenings.

* Tuesday 19th October: Bulb planting with SUDs.

* Friday 22nd October: Last day of Autumn 1 half term.

* Monday 1st November: Autumn 2 half term begins.

* Tuesday 23rd November: Flu vaccinations.

* Friday 26th November: First set of HLCs to be returned to school for marking.

* Tuesday 30th November: Pantomime at Oldham Coliseum Theatre.

* Tuesday 21st December: Last day of the Autumn 2 half term.


A reminder about online safety:

If you are online, don’t forget to be safe and savvy! 

Never give personal information to anyone! Think about the safety of what you are sharing or posting if you are online or on your phone.

Do not share your school log-ins or change your log-in details. We won’t ask you to do that.

Make sure you are accessing online material that is relevant for your age and tell an adult at home if you come across something that is not suitable for you, or if someone is trying to contact/talk to you that is not someone you know.

You can contact your teacher through Seesaw if you feel vulnerable or worried, or contact Childline 0800 1111.

Useful reminders about Online Safety are at 



Curriculum News


The whole of Key Stage Two will start the term by investigating 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies which is a tale of transformation and will provide lots of opportunities to reflect on the importance of green spaces and the environment on our mental health and well-being.

In addition to providing lots of opportunities to reflect, discuss and to write, this book will also enable us to explore and appreciate the school's improved environment following the work undertaken by SUDs during the summer holidays.


We will then move on to study an exciting adventure story called 'Stormbreaker' by Anthony Horowitz, which was a firm favourite with last year's Maple class!

The book will allow us to:

* Explore how the writer creates and builds suspense.

* Write as a character in the book.

* Create a storyboard of parts of the plot.

* Compare the book with the film version of the story.



The children will receive a new spelling list each Monday and will be tested on these spellings on the following Friday.

There will be opportunities to practise these spellings in school throughout the week but you can also find a collection of these lists for this half term below so that you can support your child's learning at home.


In our SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) lessons, we will:

  • Practise identifying and writing fronted adverbials in sentences.
  • Write complex sentences.
  • Identify and write relative clauses.
  • Practise using apostrophes for contractions, such as can't, don't and it's.
  • Practise using apostrophes to show possession for singular and plural nouns.



Fluency in reading is hugely important for so many reasons, from the ability to independently find out about things of interest to the joy of 'getting lost' in a brilliant story.

There is an expectation that children in Year 5 read for 15 minutes each day at home. 

All children have access to Bug Club which has lots of amazing fiction and non-fiction books at your child's reading level and we also provide a Home Reader book each week which is changed every Friday.

Please contact school immediately if you have any concerns about your child's home reading book.



Our main maths topics for this term include:

  • To read, write and compare whole numbers up to one million.
  • To round numbers.
  • To add and subtract numbers up to one million using mental and written strategies, as appropriate.
  • To understand, find and identify factors, multiples and prime numbers.



Our first Science topic is Earth, Sun and Moon and involves studying: 

  • Why we have night and day and the difference between spinning and orbiting.
  • Why we have different seasons.
  • How we know the Moon is not a source of light and the different phases of the Moon.
  • Differing ideas regarding The Solar Sytem and how and why these have changed over time.
  • Tim Peake and The International Space Station.



PE will be taught by the Maple team on Tuesday afternoons and by coach Tyler on Thursday afternoons.

This half term, the children will be playing and developing their tag rugby and hockey skills.

This academic year, PE kits will be left in school so children should come to school dressed in their school uniform and will get changed in class just before and after PE lessons.

Your child will need: a plain t shirt (no football shirts, please), shorts or leggings and pumps or trainers.

A tracksuit will be useful in colder weather.

Please ensure PE bags and items of kit are clearly labelled with your child's name.

For safety, long hair should be tied back and earrings either removed or taped over (tape is provided by school).



Our first topic involves studying The Bible and also the books and texts which are sacred to other religions.

RE lessons will be taught by our new deputy headteacher, Mrs Johnson, who can't wait to get to know the children!



Our first topic is Me and My Relationships and will give us the opportunity to explore:

* How to work together and collaborate.

* How to effectively resolve conflict.

* How to be a good friend.

* The meaning of and how to be assertive.

* Our emotional needs and the ways in which these might be met.

* The importance of the non-verbal aspects of communication and how social media communication may be misinterpreted. 




Our first topic involves studying aspects of Ancient Egypt (and is one of my absolute favourite Topics!) and will involve investigating:

  • Where Egypt is and what it is like there.
  • The importance of the River Nile.
  • Who Tutankhamun was and why the discovery of his tomb was so significant (and the links to Downton Abbey/Highclere Castle!).
  • The arguments surrounding whether or not it was right to remove the mummy and his belongings from his tomb.
  • What mummies are and how and why they were made.
  • Some of the - many! - Egyptian gods together with their powers, responsibilities and myths.

Home Learning Challenges