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Well Done Assembly every Friday

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 We can't tell you how fantastic it is to be be able to welcome everyone back into Maple Class!

We have reminded ourselves of the key routines and expectations now we are all back in school and we are looking forward to spending the weeks leading to Easter together!


Please note that as part of the school's on-going measures to guard against Coronavirus and following the Government's advice, we need to keep doors and windows open for ventilation so please consider sending your child to school wearing a vest and/or long-sleeved t-shirt under their uniform and girls might want to wear woolly tights or switch to trousers during the winter months.


School Day Reminders

* The school day for Maple Class begins at 8:40 am and ends at 3:20 pm.

* PE is on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons; Tuesday afternoons with the Year 5 teaching team and Thursdays with Coach Jack.

Please continue to send your child to school dressed ready for PE on these days- a t shirt, school sweatshirt or cardigan, joggers or leggings and trainers - rather than dressed in their school uniform.


Dates For Your Diary

* Monday 22nd February: Spring 2 half term begins.

* Monday 1st to Friday 5th March: Multi Faith Week. Years 5 and 6 will be studying aspects of Islam and producing geometric patterns for display.

* Thursday 4th March: World Book Day.

* Friday 12th March: The second set of Home Learning Challenges are due to be returned to school.

* Friday 19th March: Red Nose Day.

* Thursday 1st April: last day in school before the Easter holiday.

* Monday 19th April: first day of Summer 1 half term.


Please find below some information about the Year 5 curriculum which you will hopefully find useful during this half term.


Mrs Newby, Mrs Renshaw and Mrs Nuttall


A reminder about online safety:

If you are working online, don’t forget to be safe and savvy! 

Never give personal information to anyone! Think about the safety of what you are sharing or posting if you are online or on your phone.

Do not share your school log-ins or change your log-in details. We won’t ask you to do that.

Make sure you are accessing online material that is relevant for your age and tell an adult at home if you come across something that is not suitable for you, or if someone is trying to contact/talk to you that is not someone you know.

You can contact your teacher through Seesaw if you feel vulnerable or worried, or contact Childline 0800 1111.

Useful reminders about Online Safety are at 



Curriculum News


We will complete our study of Street Child by Berlie Doherty by the end of Week 2 before going on to study a short but powerful picture book called Varmints by Helen Ward and Marc Craste, which is a msyterious tale of a threatened natural world and a hopeful new start!



The children will continue to receive a new spelling list each Monday and will be tested on these spellings on the following Friday. There will be opportunities to practise these spellings in school throughout the week but you can also find a collection of these lists for this half term below so that you can support your child's learning at home.


In our SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) lessons, we will:

  • Experiment with the use of modal verbs and discuss how they change the certainty or possibility of events occurring.
  • Practise punctuating direct speech
  • Practise converting direct speech to reported speech, and vice versa.



There is an expectation that children in Year 5 read for 15 minutes each day (all children have access to Bug Club while learning at home and when we are back in class, school books will be changed every Friday).

Please contact school immediately if you have any concerns about your child's home reading book.



Our maths topics for this term include:

  • Finding the area and perimeter of squares, rectangles and irregular shapes.
  • To identify, draw and measure angles.
  • To calculate missing angles .
  • To name and plot points.
  • To revise translation.
  • To reflect shapes in one or two mirror lines.



Our next Science topic is Forces and involves studying: 

  • Understanding that forces are a push or a pull.
  • Knowing that a force can make an object speed up or slow down, change shape or change direction..
  • Friction, air resistance, water resistance, upthrust, gravity and magnetism.
  • Understanding how forces are measured.



Our new topics are Lent and Easter

Our studies will include:

  • Why Lent is a special time in the Christian calendar.
  • Why Lent lasts for 40 days.
  • What fasting means and why Christians often fast during Lent.
  • The events and symbolism of The Easter Story.



Our next topic is entitled Eat Well, Live Well and will include:

  • The importance of balancing food, rest and exercise.
  • Exploring the Eatwell Plate and persuading others to make healthier choices.
  • Understanding how much exercise our bodies need and creating an exercise timetable.
  • Creating our own workout routine inspired by a personal trainer called Adam.
  • Understanding how images in the media are often heavily edited and are unrealistic.
  • Writing a set of instructions to create a million dollar smile!



Our new topic is entitled Why Viisit North America which will involve investigating:

  • The different countries which are in the continent of North America.
  • The difference between physical and human geography.
  • The industries which are most important to North America.
  • The meaning behind some nicknames such as 'The Land of the Midnight Sun' and 'America's Breadbasket'.
  • The meaning behind the fifty stars and thirteen stripes of the flag of the USA.

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