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Important Dates

Wednesday 5th June - Class photograph day.

Monday 10th June- Hollingworth Lake trip. Please bring towel,old pumps or trainers, dinner and swim wear. 

Friday 14th June - Sports Day. Years 5 and 6 will compete between approximately 2.40pm - 3.20pm.

Monday 1st July - Maths Rockstars Day (more details to follow).

Friday 5th and Friday 12th July - non uniform days to collect items for Friends' summer fair (more details to follow).

Monday 8th July - Summer music concert in the afternoon (more details to follow).

Friday 12th July - Friends' summer fair and reports to go home to parents.

Monday 15th July - Optional Parents' Evening to discuss your child's report (appointments are not necessary).

Friday 19th July - Last day in school. School closes for the summer holiday at 2:00pm.


Wow, can you believe it, we are in the final term of Year 5? The year has flown by, I hope you are all ready for a busy half term. 


Our curriculum focus this half term will be:



Using the Maths- No Problem scheme of work we will be focusing on: area and perimeter, volume and roman numerals. 



Using the power of reading scheme, we will be reading 'Shakleton's Journey by William Grill. William Grill weaves a detailed visual narrative of Shackleton's epic journey to Antarctica in this beautifully illustrated book.  Grill's skilful use of coloured pencils and vibrant hues effortlessly evokes the adventure and excitement that surrounded the expedition. His well researched drawings, rich with detail, fastidiously reproduce the atmosphere of the expedition.  


Overall learning aims of this teaching sequence:

• To appreciate why stories are memorable and characters exciting; 

• To consider how particular situations make individuals behave as they do;

• To explore dilemmas, empathising with characters;

• To learn about the differences between information and fiction texts;

• To produce a range of writing to respond to text through role play and dramatization.




We will be looking at different spelling rules and patterns every week then will be tested on the rule each week. However, children will need to learn the rule as no spellings will be sent out to practise.


week 1: homophones e.g. stationery and stationary.

week 2: u- e.g. gurantee and language.

week 3: words with doubles cc and mm e.g. accompany, communicate.

week 4: words with doubles gg, ll, pp e.g. suggest, marvellous, appreciate.

week 5: words with affixes e.g. equipped, determined.

week 6: words with unsounded vowels e.g. amateur, category.

week 7: words with unusual GPCs e.g. conscious, criticise.



Science- Materials

In this unit children will have compared and grouped together everyday materials on the basis of their properties, including their hardness, solubility, transparency, response to magnets and electrical and thermal conductivity. They will have given reasons, based on evidence from comparative and fair tests, for the particular use of everyday materials, including metals, wood and plastic.


When finished, we will be looking at forces.

In this unit children will have learnt about a variety of forces including gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. They will have explored how simple mechanisms can be used to make work easier. They will have observed and explained how gravity causes an unsupported object to fall towards the Earth. They will have researched the relative effects of the gravitational pull on other planets. Children will have carried out a range of activities to identify the effects of friction, air resistance, and water resistance and will consider ways of reducing water resistance through streamlining.


Topic- What did the Greeks do for us?

Who Were the Ancient Greeks?

Ancient Greek Democracy

Ancient Greek Olympics

The Battle of Marathon

Greek Gods and Goddesses

The Trojan War.



Lessons take place on Monday afternoons with Mr. Beck and Wednesday morning with the sports coach.

Please ensure FULL PE kit including suitable footwear is in school on these days, particularly if it has been home for washing or used in an after-school sports activity.

Long hair should be tied back and earrings either removed or taped over for safety.


Guided Reading

Each group will have two guided reading sessions and a comprehension session each week . These books won’t be sent home as they will be needed at school. However, the children will have a book from the school library to take home as it is imperative that children are reading for pleasure and continuing to develop their reading and comprehension skills (bring to school on a Tuesday to be changed every two weeks).


Home Learning Challenge

Please hand in ASAP if not completed, thanks. 


Maths homework

Please see the links below for the different online games focusing on multiplication and divisions and also your child is registered to Timetables Rockstar's.



Children will be able to choose a book from the school library and will be changed every two weeks, usually on a Tuesday. Please endeavour to complete the schools reading record and leave a comment every time you read your book.


Don't forget to check out the school's twitter page for regular updates and information.



Mr. Beck and Mrs Renshaw

June 2019

Class guide presentations

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