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Welcome to the Larch Class!



Welcome to the summer 2 half term! I hope that everyone has had a restful half term holiday and is ready for what is always an action-packed half term!


Some Important Dates For Your Diary

Wednesday 5th June - Class photograph day.

Friday 14th June - Sports Day. Years 3 and 4 will compete between approximately 1:55pm - 2:40pm.

Tuesday 25th June - The current set of Home Learning Challenges are due to be returned to school. The list of Challenges can be found further down on this web page. 

Monday 1st July - Maths Rockstars Day (more details to follow).

Friday 5th and Friday 12th July - non uniform days to collect items for Friends' summer fair (more details to follow).

Monday 8th July - Summer music concert in the afternoon (more details to follow).

Friday 12th July - Friends' summer fair and reports to go home to parents.

Monday 15th July - Optional Parents' Evening to discuss your child's report (appointments are not necessary).

Friday 19th July - Last day in school. School closes for the summer holiday at 2:30pm.


Summer 2 Newsletter

I have uploaded this half term's Newsletter below for your reference and have also updated information about the curriculum under the appropriate headings.

As the children's spelling books stay in school, I have uploaded the weekly spelling lists to give you the opportunity to support your child as they prepare for the weekly spelling test each Friday. 




Using the Maths- No Problem! scheme of work, we will begin this half term by completing our mass, volume and length topic before learning how to measure the area of shapes. In our geometry topic, we will identify and compare angles, investigate symmetry and classify triangles and quadrilaterals. We will then plot co-ordinates and describe position and movements before ending the term by learning how to write Roman numerals for numbers between 1 and 100.


The New Year 4 Times Tables Check:

This year, the Government has introduced a new times tables test for children at the end of Year 4 which will test the children's recall of their times tables up to and including 12 x 12.

The Times Tables check will take place during June and will be accessed on either a lap top or iPad. A times tables question will appear on the screen and the children will have a few seconds to accurately input their answer before the next question appears.

Recall and fluency of times tables is the cornerstone to maths success in Years 5, 6 and beyond so any time spent practising  times tables is time well spent. Playing Times Tables Rock Stars is particularly beneficial as it follows the same format as the Times Tables check - and it's fun!



We will be studying a book called I Was A Rat! by Philip Pullman which takes a famous fairy tale as its starting point, but with a very modern twist! The book will allow us plenty of opportunities to enjoy our usual Power Of Reading activities, including role play, hot seating and freeze frames, and will also be the inspiration for us to write diary entries in role, persuasive letters and newspaper reports.

Our SPAG work will include identifying and writing expanded noun phrases and determiners plus consolidating the use of possessive apostrophes before the move up to Year 5. 

The six spelling lists for this half term can be found lower down on this page.



Our science focus this half term is Grouping Living Things in which we will look at how scientists look at similarities and differences in living things so they can sort them into smaller groups to identify them. We will investigate vertebrates and invertebrates and also use and create classification keys before looking at changes and dangers in local habitats and wider environments.



Having already studied Manchester in Year 4, we will focus on Bury and Walshaw this half term.

The children will have the opportunity to develop their map reading skills by studying a range of maps produced on different scales. We will investigate famous local people, including Victoria Wood and the Nevilles, with particular focus on Robert Peel before producing leaflets advertising Bury's attractions. We will also research the history of our school and church with particular reference to the Haworth family.



As in the summer 1 half term, our PE sessions will take place on Thursday afternoons (led by a professional coach) and also on Friday afternoons (led by Mrs Newby).


Please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school; it's usually easier to leave kits at school and take them home for a well-deserved wash at the end of each half term. Please could girls remember to have a bobble to tie back their hair and we will provide tape to cover any earrings worn. 


The current set of Home Learning Challenges is due to be returned to school by Tuesday 25th June. We are really looking forward to sharing the children's work with them and seeing the models and posters they have completed at home.

Spelling - It would be extremely helpful if you could practice words relating to this spelling pattern with your child at home.


Week 1- unstressed vowels

Week 2- word roots

Week 3 - English vocabulary words

Week 4- Revision of Years 3 & 4 key spelling words

Week 5 - Revision of Years 3 & 4 key spelling words

Week 6 - End of Year 4 bumper spelling test

No spelling test in Week 7! 


Maths - it would be hugely beneficial if you could encourage your child to practise their times tables all of the way up to 12 x 12 at home. Not only will this help them with the new end of Year 4 times tables test but will also really help with the Years 5 and 6 maths curriculum. 


Reading - Children will be able to select a Home Reading book from the school library every Monday. We have invested in lots of brand new reading books to help children develop a love of reading at home! As some of these books may be quite thick in size, it will be acceptable if your child requires their home reader for an extra week.

In addition, the children can choose a book to read in school from our well stocked library corner and there are also Guided Reading sessions twice a week.


We look forward to an enjoyable and successful half term!

Mrs Newby, Mrs Trundle, Ms Claypool, Miss Wray and Mrs Mallen