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Welcome To The Larch Class!



Welcome back to the new Spring Term. I hope you all had a restful and happy Christmas.


Please find below some information which you will hopefully find useful during the first half of the spring term.


Dates For Your Diary


Monday 3rd February – a small delegation of Chinese Children and their teachers will spend time with us in school.

Thursday 6th February – Adrian Bowden’s Travelling Science Show in school

Thursday 13th February – Larch Class Assembly at 9:00 in the Hall

Thursday 13th February – Friends' Valentine Disco      

Friday 14th February - last day in school before the half term break. School closes at 3:30 pm


During this half term the children will be learning:



We will begin this half term by returning to dividing two and three digit numbers before moving on to focus on drawing and reading pictograms, bar graphs and line graphs. Finally, we will be working on fractions and our areas of focus will include: finding equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and simplifying both mixed numbers and improper fractions. How you can help: The more fluent your child is with their times tables, the easier they will find this work. Please help by encouraging them to learn and to practise their times tables at home by using the children’s preferred apps and games. Any time spent learning and practising times tables is time well spent!



We will be studying a humorous and entertaining book called Fizzlebert Stump: The Boy Who Ran Away From The Circus (And Joined The Library) by A F Harrold, which is about a young boy who finds it can be a bit lonely being the only child living in a travelling circus and finds unexpected adventure when he decides to join a library…! The book will be the inspiration for us to write diary entries, letters and character descriptions.



Children will be given a new list each Monday (to work on in school).  There will be a spelling test

Each Friday. The spelling patterns for this half term are:


As last half term, a new list will be given to the children each Monday and they will be tested every Friday. The spelling lists are on the website if you would like to support your child’s learning.

The spelling patterns for this half term are:

Week 1: words beginning with bi, tele, super and sub

Week 2: words beginning with trans plus revision of (hopefully!) familiar words

Week 3: more revision of (hopefully!) familiar words

Week 4: consolidation of familiar spelling rules

Week 5: words ending in ship or hood

Week 6: words from the French language including ch, que and gue

These can also be found on the school website.



Children will continue to have the opportunity to visit the school library every Friday to change their library book and a Home Reader every Monday. In addition, the children will continue to take part in two guided reading sessions each week as well as having an individual reading book (that remains in school).


From January, we are launching a new Reading Challenge throughout Key Stage 2 in which children can earn rewards and recognition by demonstrating that they are reading for at least 15 minutes a day. To ensure your child doesn't miss out, please sign their Reading Record each day when they have read and ensure it is returned to school. A separate letter will be sent home with full details very soon.




This term’s topic is The Anglo Saxons and The Vikings.  We are planning to answer the following questions:

• Why did the Vikings come to Britain?

• Who were the Viking’s Gods?

• Who was Ethelred 11?

• Can we compare crime and punishment?


Larch Class will perform our Class Assembly to share our Topic learning on Thursday 13th February; we hope you will be able to come and join us!



Our science focus this half term is Materials and Their Properties and our studies will include examining the features of solids, liquids and gases and also some key reversible changes including freezing, melting, dissolving and evaporating.                                                                                                


P.E. lessons will take place on Wednesday afternoons with a coach and also on Friday mornings. Please make sure your child has their P.E. kit (a plain t-shirt and shorts plus pumps or trainers together with a sweatshirt or tracksuit for when the weather becomes colder) on these days, particularly if kit has been home for washing or used in an out-of-school sporting activity. Long hair should be tied back and earrings either removed or taped over for safety.


On a final note please do not hesitate to contact me before or after school should you have any questions.  If these times are not convenient I can be reached via the school office.  


Kind regards,

Miss Claypool









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