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Welcome To Larch Class    


Week commencing 21st June - Isolation 


Daily zoom lessons - 10am 

Meeting ID - 771 1094 4603 

Password - year4zoom 


Wednesday assembly - 2:45pm

Meeting ID: 778 6441 0623

Passcode: TdcWA0 


Friday assembly - 2:45pm 

Meeting ID: 730 2793 0876

Passcode: DqMGp4 


Key dates    

7th June - Start of term  

24th June - Europe Day

8th July - Sports day 

13th July - Move up morning 

15th July - Ukulele concert




We will start this half term by continuing our geometry work. We will be using our knowledge of angles, lines, length and perimeter to sort shapes into groups. We will then be looking at symmetry, we will be identifying lines of symmetry and completing shapes. We will then be moving on to position and movement, focusing on plotting co-ordinates on a grid before focusing on Roman numerals.


This half term, we will be focusing on a book called 'I was a rat! Or the scarlet slippers'. The children will use their reading strategies such as making predictions, inferences, retrieving information and understanding language as we delve into the book. The book will be used to inspire writing genres such as diary entries, letters, newspaper reports and setting descriptions as well as visualising our own images and creating freeze frames and role plays.


As last half term, there will be a focus on teaching and learning the words on the weekly spelling list in class, rather than sending lists of spellings home. A new list will be given to the children each Monday and they will be tested every Friday. Please look below for each week’s spelling rule and list.


It is essential that children in Year 4 continue to practise their reading skills every day. Reading books are being sent home and to be changed every Friday.

Children take part in Guided Reading sessions three times a week in which whole class strategies are used, using different forms of media including pictures, films and whole class texts and written comprehensions. The children also have time to read independently for pleasure after dinner every day. In addition, children are able to choose a book from the class book corner, which is to stay in school.


Our topic this half term is ‘Why visit South America?’. The children will be able to identify where South America is and the countries within the continent and their capital cities. We will be looking at the physical and human Geography within the continent, looking at what life is like in Brazil in the favelas, exploring the journey of the Amazon river and comparing it to the River Irwell and the children will have the opportunity to design and create their own Brazilian carnival masks.


This half term our Science focus will be plants. The children will be able to identify parts of a plant, understand what plants need to survive and know the life cycle of a plant and the water transportation system.


P.E. lessons will take place on a Tuesday afternoon with a rugby focus and Wednesday afternoons with the sports coach and there will be a focus on striking and fielding.

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