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Home learning during school closure 

Hi Elm Class! I am really pleased with the work I have seen over the last week, you should all be really proud :) 

Instead of setting activities daily, this week I will set a variety of activities for you to complete over the course of the week in your own time! 

English activities 

1. Research and write a report on a topic that interests you (football teams, Disney, ballet etc) 

2. Write a set of instructions for how to make a sandwich, then have a go at making one (with supervision) 

3. Watch 'Pigeon impossible' on the literacy shed. Create a comic strip about the video or write a diary entry as the pigeon or the secret agent.   

4. Bug Club/Reading

Maths activities 

1. Place value test questions 

2. Money based test questions 

3. Division based test questions 

4. TTRockstars


Search Rob Biddulph on YouTube. Watch his lessons and have a go at one yourself! 


Learn how to count to ten in a language you don't know. 


Go4it sports activities (below) 


Stone Age home learning challenge


Any other home learning would also be fantastic to see (Science, History, Geography, Art, Languages) 

Remember, stay safe and be kind!



We'll be missing you

Mr Jackson and Mrs Trundle 






Curriculum Information




We will be studying a brilliant book called The Iron Man. I know that Christ Church parents are always incredibly supportive of school but can I respectfully ask that you don’t share a copy of the book with your child until the half term holidays as one of the skills we will be developing is making predictions, which is hard to do objectively if you have already read the book! The book will be the inspiration for us to write diaries, narratives, letters, newspaper reports, balanced arguments, character descriptions, role plays, debates and interviews.



We regularly teach handwriting in order to encourage the children to write in a neat, joined style. We will be focusing on ensuring ascenders and descenders are formed correctly and we have provided the children with a special handwriting book to practise in.



We will be focusing upon the following aspects of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar which are part of our daily lessons:

Spelling- We will be looking at a range of spelling patterns and exploring a range patterns, prefixes and suffixes.  


Week 1: Adding the suffix -ly (chilly, suddenly, quickly, unfortunately, unbelieveably)

Week 2: Adding the prefix -ir/ il ( irrelevant, irregular, irremovable, illegal, illogical)

Week 3: Words containing silent letters O, H, C ( echo, honest, ghost, scene)

Week 4: Adding the suffix -ed / -ing (jumped, shocked, jumping, shocking)

Week 5: Commonly misspelt words (library, accident, success, special)

Week 6: Homophones



It is essential that children in Year 3 continue to practise their reading skills every day.


Children take part in a guided reading carousel twice a week with a member of staff. The children also have time to read independently for pleasure after dinner every day. In addition, children are able to choose a book from the class book corner, which is to stay in school and choose a book from the school library, which can go home and is changed on a Thursday every two weeks.


As previously stated, it is essential that children continue to develop their reading skills and love of reading. Reading at home is vital to this and home reading books will continue to be sent home and will now be changed on Mondays. However, children can earn rewards and prizes by showing that they are reading for at least 10 minutes a day at home. To ensure your child gets their reward, they need to bring in their reading record every day showing that they have read the previous night, this can be their home reading book or a book of their own.



We will be beginning this half term by focusing on money. We will focus on this topic for 3 weeks and the children will be naming money, adding and subtracting money, calculating change and solving worded problems. We will then be looking at time, the children will practise telling the time in both analogue and digital forms, measuring time in seconds, minutes and hours and converting seconds to minutes.





This half term our science topic is 'Magnets and Forces'. The children will be identifying and investigating different forces including friction. We will then be looking at magnets and the children will be able to sort magnetic and non-magnetic materials, explore magnetic poles and use their knowledge to design and create their own game involving magnetism. 




Our topic this half term is the Stone age to the Iron age. We will be looking at when the Stone age, Bronze age and Iron age took place and the differences between each period. We will be looking at the beliefs, food and weapons used in each period. We will also be investigating what Stonehenge and Skara Brae shows us about the period. The children will also have the opportunity to develop their art and design technology skills by producing cave painting and models of Stonehenge.



Our topic this half term is 'Easter - Sadness and joy.



Going for Goals. Children will be taught to recognise their worth as individuals, by identifying positive things about themselves and their achievements, seeing their mistakes, making amends and setting personal goals. They will also recognise the risk in different situations and then decide how to behave responsibly.



Key Information:

Monday and Wednesday. Children must have a full PE kit in school and remember to tie long hair back. Children with earrings must either take them out or use tape to cover them for health and safety reasons. Our Monday PE sessions will be developing our dance skills. In addition, the children will be taught badminton on Wednesdays with the PE coach.


Home Reading Books : 

Changed on Mondays! 

Please keep books and records in book bags every day to allow for reading opportunities in school. As previously stated, children will need their reading records in school every day to ensure that reading is taking place nightly and that children are earning their rewards.  We would be very grateful if you could aim to write a short comment on your child's reading at home. Please note that any lost books will result in a fee for replacement.  


It is always an absolute delight to see the amount of effort the children put in to their home learning challenges and to hear them talking about how much fun they have had completing them at home with their family and friends. Our next home learning challenge is based around volcanoes and is due in 30th March.

It would also be very beneficial if you could continue to support the children with their reading, their spellings (see spelling patterns above) and their times tables as it supports a range of topics in Maths and to ensure they are as best prepared as possible for the times tables check in year 4.

Purple Mash Username:  firstname16  Password:  (Mr Jackson and Mrs Trundle have the passwords if needed) 
Bug Club Username: firstname16  Password: (Same as Purple Mash) School code: rhxx


Romans 1
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Romans 4
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Romans 6


Science 1
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Art and DT

Art and DT 1
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Art and DT 3
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Art and DT 5
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Art and DT 9


PE 1
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