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Dear parents, 

We're pleased to inform you that we offer ukulele lessons at Christ Church and your child has shown an interest in learning! 

We use a company called Front Row Music who believe music should be as fun and accessible to children as possible. The emphasis is on performance and helping children to get excited about playing an instrument. 

Lessons cost £6.50 per week and are 30 minutes long. The children learn together in small groups within their bubbles, focussing on music that they will know and love. Lessons take place in the school day - Front Row will be in touch to confirm the exact day and time of your child’s lesson upon receiving a sign-up form which you can access here:

Here's a video assembly that they have made to give you an idea of what the lessons are like:

Instruments are provided in lessons, but if you’d like to purchase one so that your child can practice at home, please get in touch with Front Row directly at or call 0161 327 0851.

We’re excited that the children are so enthusiastic about music and are looking forward to introducing them to the ukulele! 


Art Club - Sandra Silberzweig inspired portraits. 

Art Club - Sandra Silberzweig inspired portraits.

Art Club

Georgia O’Keefe inspired abstract flowers.


Cricket team

Boys cricket A team-


Greenhill- won

Holcombe Brook- won

Greenmount- won

Lowercroft- won

St. Marie's-won


Boys cricket team B-



Guardian Angels -lost 





Girls cricket

Girls cricket A team


Summerseat- won

Holcombe Brook- won

Wesley- won.

CCW B team- won


the girls will represent Bury at Northern cricket club on Tuesday 3rd July 2019.


B team:

Summerseat- won

Holcombe Brook- won

Wesley- won.

CCW A team- lost 


Cross country team

Sport morning at Walshaw Sports Club

Basketball team:

v Higher Lane (lost)

v King David (won)


semi final 

v St.Marys (lost)



Boccia (A, B and C team) Final- lost against Wesley- Silver position.

Hockey Team Results:


v Wesley 2-0 (w)

v St. Mary’s 5-0 (w)

v St. Davids 4-0 (w)


semi final 

v Hazelhurst 3-0 (w)

v Greenmount 4-3 (l) golden goal in extra time. 


The team will now represent Bury at the Manchester winter school games. 

Girls football team


v BGS won 2-0

v Hollymount lost 1-0

v Greenhill lost 3-0

v Unsworth 2-2

v St. Stephens won 2-0

v Chesham lost 1-0

v Woodbank lost 2-1

Boys football team results:


St. John’s with St. Marks 7-0 (w)

St. Marie’s 4-2 (w)

St. John’s 9-0 (w)

Greenhill 2-0 (w)

St. Andrews 8-1 (w)

Greenmount 4-1 (w)


Semi final, league cup, Christ Church Ainsworth 5-0 (w)

final- St.Marys 2-0 (l)


Semi final, cup, Tottington, 2-0 (l)

final Greenmount 1-0 (l)

Boys football team