Year 1 / 2 - Beech Class pupils at Christ Church Primary School
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Year 1 / 2 - Beech Class

Welcome to the Beech Class Page

I hope you have all had a lovely half term break! . We are ready and excited to welcome to the children back for another action packed and exciting half term. Below you will find key dates and curriculum information which hopefully you will find useful. Please try to speak to me before or after school or via an email to the school office if you have any questions or queries.

We look forward to working in partnership with you during the coming year.  

Mrs Hudson, Mrs Liotti and Mrs Bates 

Key Information

  • Please inform us if someone different is collecting your child (they need to be over the age of 16).
  • Please ensure that your child has a water bottle in school daily.
  • As the weather gets cooler, please make sure your child brings a suitable coat each day.
  • Please can all jumpers, cardigans and fleeces in particular be labelled clearly with your child’s name.
  • Reading books get changed every Friday. Please ensure you child reads regularly throughout the week. It is so important that children are reading as much as possible, please don’t forget you can access Bug Club at home too.
  • Just a reminder that any children who aren’t collected after ten minutes at the end of their school day will be placed into After School Club which is located in the porta cabin.

·Please make sure you have all your child’s logins for Seesaw, Purple Mash, Bug Club and Numbots

Key Dates

·        Tuesday 1st November- School resumes. 

·        Friday 4th November- Space Theme Day- see separate letter. 

·        Tuesday 15th November- Flu vaccines. 

·        Friday 18th November- Children in Need- letter to follow.

·        Wednesday 7th December- Lion King- see separate letter. 

·        Friday 9th December- Save The Children Christmas Jumper Day-more details to follow.

·        Monday 12th December- Home Learning Challenge due in.

·        Tuesday 13th December- Nativity performance 9:30am

·        Thursday 15th December- Nativity performance 9:30am

·        Tuesday 20th December- Christmas Party Day- more details to follow. 

·        Wednesday 21st December- School breaks up for the Christmas holidays. 

Space Day Space Day Space Day

A reminder about online safety:
If you are working online, don’t forget to be safe and savvy! 
Never give personal information to anyone! Think about the safety of what you are sharing or posting if you are online or on your phone.

Do not share your school log-ins or change your log-in details. We won’t ask you to do that.

Make sure you are accessing online material that is relevant for your age and tell an adult at home if you come across something that is not suitable for you, or if someone is trying to contact/talk to you that is not someone you know.

You can contact your teacher through Seesaw if you feel vulnerable or worried, or contact Childline 0800 1111.

Useful reminders about Online Safety are at Thinkuknow.co.uk 

Autumn 2 Curriculum Information


This half term the Year 1 children will continue to consolidate their learning of Phase 5i whilst also learning all of the Year 1 English spelling suffix rules. 

Year 2- 


In English this half term we will be using Nathan Bryon's brilliant book 'Look Up' about a young girl called Rocket who just wants to become an astronaut. This will link with our History learning about the 'Space Race' brilliantly. From this text we will explore persuasive posters and information texts. After that, we will immerse ourselves in the world of poetry using Shirley Hughes' book ' Out and About'. The book goes through each season which support the Year 1 Science topic 'Changing Seasons'. We will write lots of poetry using adjectives and similes. 


Year One: Subtraction within 10, Numbers and place value to 20 and addition and subtraction within 20.

Year Two: Multiplication of 2s, 5s and 10s, multiplication and division of 2s, 5s and 10s, length and mass. 


Year 1- Changing Seasons

In this unit children will learn that there are four seasons, the names for these seasons and that there are differences between them. They will identify and design weather symbols for the different types of weather they are likely to experience across the seasons. Working scientifically, children will make observations and measurements over time throughout the seasons including day length, temperature, rain/snow fall, wind strength, cloud conditions and the accompanying changes to plants and animals in their local environment. They will describe and record their findings and compare them across the seasons.

Year 2- Feeding and Exercise

In this unit children will have described the importance of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food and hygiene. They will have found out about and described the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival (water, food and air) and will have considered what humans need to live. Children will have identified different foods and have classified some of the foods that humans eat by plant or animal origins. Children will have described how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals, using the idea of a simple food chain, and identify and name different sources of food. They will have identified and created a simple food chain. Children will have been able to use ideas about feeding and exercise to learn about ways we need to look after ourselves to stay healthy. They will demonstrate understanding by making a diet and exercise plan and will have considered food safety and hygiene guidelines. Children will also have opportunities to consider ways in which science is relevant to their personal health and to relate science to aspects of their everyday life (food, exercise, hygiene), and to recognise and control hazards and risks to themselves.

Topic- History and Design Technology

Our topic question is 'How Did We Reach the Moon?'.  For this first half of this half term, children will learn about a significant individual Neil Armstrong and the race to land on the moon. We will explore space travel chronology and order key events on a timeline. After that, our learning will focus on D.T. We will explore, design, create and evaluate our own moon buggies. 

R.E- This half term we are learning about Remembrance Day, Creation and The Christmas Story. 

PSHE- This half term we are explore the theme 'Valuing Differences'. 

P.E- Our P.E days are still Tuesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays we are learning about Gymnastics and on Fridays we are learning the ABCs (Agility, Balance and Catching).