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Hello Cedar Class!


We have loved seeing the work you've been posting on seesaw-you have been so busy and we are very proud of how hard you've been working.  For those of you that haven't accessed seesaw yet, it would be amazing if you could try to post something next week so you can share your learning with us!

We will provide optional learning tasks for you to complete each week-there are lots of activities so that you have a choice but please don't feel that you have to do them all!!

We hope you are all staying safe and we are really missing you!


Suggested learning for week beginning 30th March:

  • Practise your multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. You've been set some maths games as '2dos' on Purple Mash but you could always ask a grown up to set you some to complete on paper instead. TTRockstars is also useful for this too!       E.g. 2 x 6 =          ? x 5 = 35           40 ÷ ? = 10


  • Find halves, quarters and three quarters of numbers and shapes. You could even be creative and upload some pictures to seesaw to show your learning! White Rose Maths are uploading 5 lessons a week with worksheets. Last week’s Year 2 lessons were on fractions so you could complete those by clicking on this link:


  • Write a letter persuading your family to let you have a picnic in your garden/living room. Explain why they should let you do it-remember to be convincing! If you are successful, you could even make the picnic together!


  • On Bug Club you have been set an activity to help you learn your common exception words. If you don’t have access to Bug Club they are attached to this webpage further down so you can still see which words to learn!



  • Read ‘Water habitats’ and ‘Land habitats’ that you have been set on Bug Club. Then have a go at the activity to decide which animals and plants live on land/water.


  • There is a 2do on Purple Mash called ‘Toy Shelf’. It is an activity to help you practise sentence types (commands, statements, questions and exclamations). Alternatively, you could write examples down on paper.
  • Make a rainbow to display in your window-you could upload it to seesaw so that we can see your wonderful art work!


  • Go on a scavenger hunt (there is a suggested list of things to collect on seesaw).


  • Draw/paint a portrait of Elizabeth I.


  • Do some gardening/plant some seeds with your family. You could record the signs of spring in your area/garden.


  • There is a quiz on Purple Mash in your '2dos' to see how well you remember the capital cities of the UK.


General ideas of things you can do at home:

  • One of the best things you can do is read. Read some books you love, it doesn't matter what they are. If they are books that are too tricky for you to read ask your mums, dads, big brothers or sisters to read them for you sometimes if they can.
  • Bug Club. We have allocated lots of books for you to read. Remember to try and answer all the questions! There are phonics games on here as well, and some games. We will be setting some grammar, spelling and science activities on here too for you to complete.
  • CGP comprehension and reasoning books.
  • White Rose Maths home learning. Every week this website adds five new maths lessons for each year group. It consists of a video, a worksheet and answers. This can be accessed here:
  • Purple Mash. There are resources for every subject including some wonderful maths games that will help you practice number bonds, times tables and fractions. We will also be setting some '2dos' on Purple Mash (click on the tab at the top of the home screen labelled 2do). Each week Purple Mash are setting some age appropriate home learning tasks. These can be accessed here:
  • TTRockstars-Mrs Holt has changed the settings so that you can practise your 2, 5 and 10 times tables and division facts.
  • Write a diary of some of things you do with your family at home. It's really important that you keep writing, whatever you choose to write.
  • There are PE classes taking place every day on YouTube (one is at 9am with Joe every week day but I'm sure there are more if you're not a fan of Joe!)
  • Remember you can always do some Cosmic yoga! Search for Cosmic Kids on YouTube - there are lots of wonderful adventures to choose from.
  • Activities in your Home Learning books (see weekly list of activities above).


We have put some useful links under this information that will take you straight to the websites we have mentioned above. We have also uploaded some phonics information and spelling lists (further down the page) that the children need to know by the end of Year 2. There are lots of fun ways to learn spellings so it would be great if you could keep practising whilst you are off!


If we find out about anything else that we think you would enjoy we will put it on here.

It will be very strange not seeing you in school but remember we are still here if you need anything. Your mums and dads can email school if you need help with anything.


Hopefully we'll see you all very soon,


Miss Sutton, Mrs Holt & Mrs Bates


Useful links

Bug Club:


Cosmic yoga:


Purple Mash:






White Rose Maths home learning:


These video links are from GO4ITSPORTS. Can you have a go at their challenges?











Key Information

Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school at all times. Long hair must be tied back. Earrings must be removed or covered by tape.
PE days are Tuesdays (with Mrs Holt) and Thursdays (led by a specialist PE coach and Miss Sutton).

If your child takes part in any sporting extra curricular clubs, please ensure that they bring a separate kit for this so that their PE kit is always available in school.


Water Bottles
Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school daily. These will be kept in the classroom.
Curriculum Information
Following the Maths No Problem approach we will be looking in detail at: temperature, pictograms, identifying coins and calculating amounts of money and properties of 2D and 3D shapes.


We will be continuing with Phase 6. A letter will be sent home each half term with details of the children’s weekly spellings. We would be very grateful if these could be practised at home to support your child’s learning in school.


In English we base our lessons around a class text. We try to use texts that are unfamiliar to the children so that the plot can unravel slowly and the children are able to make their own predictions.
This half term we will begin by reading 'Halibut Jackson' by David Lucas. Some of the writing outcomes are:

writing in role


developing empathy



This half term we are exploring special places specifically the Church. We will be finding out what children already know about the church as well as learning what the key features of a Christian Church are.   




Scientists and Inventors



We will be learning about Queen Elizabeth I before moving on to Queen Victoria


Learning at Home 
Spellings- The children will have a spelling test each Friday which will comprise of words they have been working on in phonics and English lessons throughout the week and are taken from the National Curriculum. Details of the words are sent home in a half termly spelling letter (also found at the bottom of this page).
Home Reading Books are changed every Friday.
Home Learning Challenges will be sent home and are due in on Monday16th March. 

Bug Club will be set each half term - please let us know if you have any trouble accessing the website and we will do our best to solve any issues. Passwords and the school code can be found in the children's reading records.


Reading Books
We will change Cedar class reading books every Friday. The purpose of the home reading book, and Bug Club online book, is to consolidate decoding skills and comprehension and develop fluency and expression. Please read with your child each week, asking them questions about the story, and sign the reading record so we know to give them a new book. Any additional comments in the reading records are welcomed. Bug Club is updated every week.

In school the children will also have two guided reading sessions each week. These sessions will provide differentiated teaching of reading and will secure progress by providing opportunities for children to practice their learning. We currently use a breadth of reading schemes including Bug Club books, Oxford Reading Tree, Collins and Big Cat.


Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! smiley



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Chester Zoo March 2020 4 The orangutan came right up to us with her baby
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Chester Zoo March 2020 6 Cedar class were so lucky to see the baby elephant
Chester Zoo March 2020 7 Cedar class were so lucky to see the baby elephant

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