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Wedding Celebration!

Wedding Celebration! 1
Wedding Celebration! 2
Wedding Celebration! 3
Wedding Celebration! 4
Wedding Celebration! 5
Wedding Celebration! 6
Wedding Celebration! 7
Wedding Celebration! 8
Wedding Celebration! 9
Wedding Celebration! 10
Wedding Celebration! 11
Wedding Celebration! 12
Wedding Celebration! 13
Wedding Celebration! 14
Wedding Celebration! 15
Wedding Celebration! 16
Wedding Celebration! 17
Wedding Celebration! 18
Wedding Celebration! 19
Wedding Celebration! 20
Wedding Celebration! 21
Wedding Celebration! 22
Wedding Celebration! 23
Wedding Celebration! 24
Wedding Celebration! 25
Wedding Celebration! 26
Wedding Celebration! 27
Wedding Celebration! 28
Wedding Celebration! 29
Wedding Celebration! 30
Wedding Celebration! 31
Wedding Celebration! 32
Wedding Celebration! 33
Wedding Celebration! 34
Wedding Celebration! 35
Wedding Celebration! 36
Wedding Celebration! 37
Wedding Celebration! 38
Wedding Celebration! 39
Wedding Celebration! 40
Wedding Celebration! 41
Wedding Celebration! 42
Wedding Celebration! 43
Wedding Celebration! 44
Wedding Celebration! 45
Wedding Celebration! 46

Celebrating Bonfire Night!

Celebrating Bonfire Night!  1
Celebrating Bonfire Night!  2
Celebrating Bonfire Night!  3
Celebrating Bonfire Night!  4
Celebrating Bonfire Night!  5
Celebrating Bonfire Night!  6
Celebrating Bonfire Night!  7
Celebrating Bonfire Night!  8
Celebrating Bonfire Night!  9
Celebrating Bonfire Night!  10
Celebrating Bonfire Night!  11
Celebrating Bonfire Night!  12

Celebrating Divali!

Celebrating Divali! 1
Celebrating Divali! 2
Celebrating Divali! 3
Celebrating Divali! 4
Celebrating Divali! 5
Celebrating Divali! 6
Celebrating Divali! 7
Celebrating Divali! 8
Celebrating Divali! 9
Celebrating Divali! 10
Celebrating Divali! 11
Celebrating Divali! 12
Celebrating Divali! 13
Celebrating Divali! 14
Celebrating Divali! 15
Celebrating Divali! 16
Celebrating Divali! 17
Celebrating Divali! 18
Celebrating Divali! 19
Celebrating Divali! 20
Celebrating Divali! 21
Celebrating Divali! 22
Celebrating Divali! 23
Celebrating Divali! 24
Celebrating Divali! 25
Celebrating Divali! 26
Celebrating Divali! 27
Celebrating Divali! 28
Celebrating Divali! 29
Celebrating Divali! 30
Celebrating Divali! 31
Celebrating Divali! 32
Celebrating Divali! 33
Celebrating Divali! 34
Celebrating Divali! 35
Celebrating Divali! 36
Celebrating Divali! 37
Celebrating Divali! 38
Celebrating Divali! 39
Celebrating Divali! 40
Celebrating Divali! 41
Celebrating Divali! 42

We are all settling in well in the early years.

We are all settling in well in the early years.  1
We are all settling in well in the early years.  2
We are all settling in well in the early years.  3
We are all settling in well in the early years.  4
We are all settling in well in the early years.  5
We are all settling in well in the early years.  6
We are all settling in well in the early years.  7
We are all settling in well in the early years.  8
We are all settling in well in the early years.  9
We are all settling in well in the early years.  10
We are all settling in well in the early years.  11
We are all settling in well in the early years.  12
We are all settling in well in the early years.  13
We are all settling in well in the early years.  14

Early Years Unit Newsletter

Autumn Term 2

Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to the start of autumn term two. This is always a very busy and exciting term. Out topic this half term is Why do we celebrate special days? We will be looking at Celebrations, particularly Harvest, Bonfire Night and of course Christmas which will include our Early Years Nativity, ‘The Noisy Nativity’.

The environment and staffing will continue to be organised to enable us to respond to the children’s interests immediately in order to gain the full value of each child’s curosity and engagement. By skillfully meeting each child’s needs at the critical moment, learning and progress should take place.

If you have any resources that you are happy to share to support this topic we would be very grateful.



P.E. Kits for Reception

After the Christmas break the Reception children will require a P.E. kit. The kits must be placed in a drawstring bag to hang on coat pegs. Please ensure that all items of kit-including pumps and the drawstring bag- are clearly labelled with your child’s name. Hopefully, this advance warning will give you plenty of time to get a kit for your child. Kits are available to purchase from school or you can provide your own shorts and tops. We are unable to order pumps from school.



Foundation Stage Fund

We would like to give a huge thank you to all the families who have been so generous and supported us by contributing to the fund last half term. The money enabled us to make fresh playdough each week incuding sensory and textured playdough; purchase resources to make Diwali lamps and enhance our vet role play amongst many other things. Please supprt your children again this half term by donating £5. Parents can pay the full £30 for the year if they prefer and this can be done via the ‘Schoolmoney’ system. Thank you to the parents who have already paid for the whole year.







Please could we ask you to ensure that all items of uniform including shoes, water bottles, lunch boxes and spare clothes bags are clearly labelled with your child’s name. Inevitably, items are put on the wrong peg, left in the classroom or accidently go home with the wrong child. Clear labelling allows the children to become independent and enables us to find items quickly and return them to their owner.



Outdoor Play Bag

As the weather changes and becomes colder, please ensure your child has a waterproof coat, hat, scarf and gloves and wellingtons if possible for outdoor play. Due to lack of storage room wellingtons will need to be brought daily and taken home at the end of the session.


Dates for your diary:

Friday 17th November-Children in Need-Children can wear Pyjamas and bring a favourite bear to school.

Monday 27th November- Parent drop in event for Nursery and Reception parents from 3.45pm to 5pm

Friday 1st December- Artful Playground Theatre Company performance 9am

Monday 4th December- Tree decoration service. All children may bring a decoration to place on the Christmas tree. Please put your child’s name on so we can return them.

Wednesday 6th December- The children will be performing the Christmas Nativity production called ‘ The Noisy Nativity’. Performances will be at 10am and 2pm and will last approximately 30 minutes. Morning nursery children will perfom in the morning performance only and afternoon children in the afternoon only. Further details will follow.

Friday 15th December- Christmas Dinner Day

Tuesday 19th December- FSU Christmas Party. Further details to follow later in the term.

Wednesday 20th December-Break for Christmas 2pm


Thank you in anticipation for your support and help

The Early Years Team

Presentation from Reception parents evening 2017/18