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Welcome to Oak Class

Welcome back to after what I hope was a restful and relaxing Summer break. The children have settled into Year 6 excellently and myself and Mrs Grundy have been very impressed by their attitude and behaviour. On this page you will find information regarding key dates and our curriculum for the following half term. This information is written in more detail on our half-termly newsletter.

I have sent home a spelling overview with the patterns/ rules taught for each week. Children are not expected to learn all the words for each week, but it may help them to do any additional word at home. 

Key dates:

  • Monday 10th September- Meet The Teacher Evening- 5:30-6pm.

  • Tuesday 18th of September- Individual photo day.

  • Monday 1st of October- School Calendar photoshoot. Children will be photographed in their birth months.

  • Friday 5th October- FRIENDS Family Welcome Disco at Walshaw Sports Club.

  • Sunday 7th October- Harvest Church Service at Christ Church.

  • Monday 8th of October- Parents' Evening 4pm-7pm

  • Wednesday 10th October- Parents' Evening 4pm- 7pm.

  • Friday 19th of October-School closes for half-term at 3:30pm.



Curriculum News

English: This half term all of our English learning will focus around our core texts: Street Child and Pax. During these units children will explore characters and plot developments while being immersed in two high quality texts. Street Child follows the story of a boy living in the Victorian era,  which links superbly to our History topic. Children will be given lots of opportunities to write in role as different characters and for different purposes and audiences.


Maths- This half term we will begin by ordering, comparing, writing and reading numbers up to 10,000,000. We will learn and revisit four formal written methods: column addition and subtraction, long multiplication and long division.


This half term we will be introducing our topic for this term: 'What was life like for children living 100 years ago?' During this topic we will cover the following areas:

  • Understanding actually how long ago the Victorian era was and representing this on a timeline with other events that happened between now and the Victorians.
  • Compare their daily routine with a child from the Victorian era.

  • Understanding how to write from a point of view- linking to drama.

  • Investigate the different lifestyles of the poor and rich in the Victorian era.

  • Investigate football clubs in the North West in the Victorian era.

  • Research fashion and design in the Victorian Era.

  • Learn about school life and routines and compare differences and similarities.

  • To create a journal about crime and punishment.

  • To take part in a debate regarding the implementation of a railway in Bury.

  • To design and create an invention ready for the great exhibition held at school.


Our Science topic for this term is Light!

In this unit children will learn about how light travels and that we see things because light travels from light sources to our eyes, or from light sources to objects and then to our eyes. They will learn that shiny or reflective surfaces alter the direction in which light travels. Children will have the opportunity to solve problems related to everyday life about how light travels and how we see. Children will also investigate and explain the shapes of shadows, and relate this to light travelling in straight lines.

Working Scientifically, children will have the opportunity to plan and carry out an investigation in the context of finding a reflective material for children’s clothing. They will have the opportunity to use light sensors and data logging equipment to measure and record their observations and they will write a report detailing what they have concluded

 P.E: Our P.E days are Wednesday and Fridays our topics for this half term are football and hockey.

Reading: Children will be taking home a reading book from our library every fortnight. I would love it if children could fill in a book review bookmark to help recommend and evaluate the book for potential readers.

P.E: We have P.E twice a week. It is really important that children have a full P.E kit, appropriate footwear, that their hair is tied back and that any ear rings have been taped over or removed.

Water bottles: Please can all children have a water bottle in school daily

Homework: This term children will have Home Learning Challenges to be completed by Monday 10th of December.