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Welcome back to the second half of the Spring Term. This is a very busy half term I hope you find the dates and information below useful. This half-term's newsletter is also available in the newsletter section.


Key dates:

Thursday 1st March World Book Day and Booster 1. 3:30pm-4:45pm

Monday 5th March- Thursday 8th March Bikeability  

Thursday 8th March- Booster 2

Tuesday 13th March- Booster 3

Monday 19th March - Parents' Evening 4pm-7pm

Wednesday 21st March- Parents' Evening 4pm-7pm

Thursday 22nd March- Booster 4

Thursday 29th Match Booster 5 and school closes at 3:30 for Easter.


Curriculum News

English: This half term all of our English learning will focus around Francesca Sanna's book 'The Journey'.

The reading skills we will be developing during this unit are:

  • Increase familiarity with a range of books
  • Identify themes and conventions and compare these across books they have read 
  • Discuss words and phrases that capture readers’ interest and imagination and consider how this impacts on the reader 
  • Draw inferences about characters’ feelings, thoughts, motives and actions, Writing: (Transcription / Composition) 
  •   Ask questions to improve their understanding identifying how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning 
  • Predict what might happen from details stated and implied

The writing skills we will develop are:

  • Plan writing by identifying the audience for and purpose of the writing, selecting the appropriate form 
  • Note and develop initial ideas, drawing on reading and research 
  • Draft and write by selecting appropriate grammar and vocabulary 
  • In narratives, describe settings, characters and atmosphere, integrate dialogue to convey character and  justifying inferences with evidence from the text
  • Use a range of devices to build cohesion within and across paragraphs 
  • Evaluate and edit by proposing changes to vocabulary, grammar and punctuation to enhance effects and clarify meaning  Proof-read for spelling and punctuation errors 
  • Perform their own compositions, using appropriate intonation, volume, movement so that meaning is clear
  • Select appropriate grammar and vocabulary, and understand how such choices can change and enhance meaning

Maths: During this half-term we will be revising many aspects of the Year 6 Maths including: converting metric measures, calculating the area and volume of different 3-D and 2-D shapes, use common factors to simplify fractions, compare and order fractions, to add and subtract fractions, solve problems involving ratio and proportion and to explore angles around a point on a straight line and opposite angles.   

Science: We will be exploring Classifying Living Organisms. In this unit children will learn how to classify living things using the major classification kingdoms defined by Carl Linnaeus. They will identify and describe the observable characteristics of a range of classification groups including micro-organisms, plants and animals. They will compare the similarities and differences between different species of buttercup and earthworm. Children will make careful observations to identify the characteristics that help scientists classify all living things, such as whether a living thing has a backbone and how they reproduce. Children will also be able to use their observations to construct classification keys of increasing complexity. They will use evidence from their investigation to predict and investigate how to accelerate the rate of decay in a mini-composter.

Topic: Our topic this half term is: Ancient Egypt. Children will learn all about important people during Egyptian times, who and when the Egyptians ruled, learn about Egyptian gods and mummification, find and locate Egypt on a map along with many of exciting learning opportunities.

 P.E: Our topics for this half term are basketball and circuit training fitness.

PSHCE: Relationships

Reading: Children will be taking home a reading book from our library every fortnight. I would love it if children could fill in a book review bookmark to help recommend and evaluate the book for potential readers.

P.E: We have P.E twice a week. It is really important that children have a full P.E kit, appropriate footwear, that their hair is tied back and that any ear rings have been taped over or removed.

Water bottles: Please can all children have a water bottle in school daily


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