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Sport Relief Friday 23rd March 2018

On Friday 23rd March we took part in a number of activities to raise money to support the work of the Sport Relief charity. For £2 we attended school in 'sporty' clothes and took part in running challenges with our classes. At break and lunchtimes the School Councillors and members of Year 5 and 6 organised different sporty challenge activities that pupils could pay 20p to take part in , such as basketball shots, beat the goalie, crossbar challenge, bowling and hockey dribbling. We all had a fabulous day- which culminated in a fantastic rendition of the Sport Relief song in our afternoon celebration assembly! Pictures of the day and a clip of our singing were posted on Twitter @ccwalshaw.

The amount raised is about £740, which we have donated to Sport Relief, to make a difference to the lives of children both here and abroad.

Thank you for your generous support!