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Our curriculum focus this half term will be:



We will be focusing on number and place value, multiplication, division and percentages, angles and polygons, fractions and subtraction and multiplication and division.



The grammar focus will be: modal verbs, apostrophes, correct sentence punctuation, descriptive language, expanded noun phrases, dialogue and speech.


Writing- we will be looking at persuasive writing, debate poetry that tells a story and fiction - science fiction.




We will be: 

Learning about a variety of forces including gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. We will explore how simple mechanisms can be used to make work easier. We will observe and explain how gravity causes an unsupported object to fall towards the Earth. Children will carry out a range of activities to identify the effects of friction, air resistance, and water resistance and will consider ways of reducing water resistance through streamlining.


Working scientifically, children will find out how to measure using force meters and will use this knowledge to investigate which shoes has the best grip and which shoes are most slippery. We will use results to form conclusions about which shoes create the most friction. We will plan how to carry out a fair test on a paper spinner and will investigate which sails use air resistance most effectively.



Where did all the mills go? We will be looking at:


Who was Jesse Haworth and what were the cotton mills?

Why were the mills built in Bury and Lancashire?

What was it like to live a day in the life as a mill worker?

Where did the raw materials come from?

Why did all the mills close down?

What is Bury like today?



Lessons take place on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings (with Mr. Beck and Mrs Grundy).

Please ensure FULL PE kit including suitable footwear is in school on these days, particularly if it has been home for washing or used in an after-school sports activity.

Long hair should be tied back and earrings either removed or taped over for safety.


Guided Reading

Each group will have three guided reading sessions each week. These books won’t be sent home as they will be needed at school. However the children will have a book from the school library to take home as it is imperative that children are reading for pleasure and continuing to develop their reading and comprehension skills (bring to school on a Tuesday to be changed).



The weekly homework is as follows:

A spelling list is introduced each Friday and is to be practised at home in preparation for a test the following Friday.


Home Learning Challenge

What did the Greeks do for us? Please can you bring back to school by Monday 3rd July 2017



Children will be able to choose a book from the school library and will be changed every two weeks, usually on a Tuesday. Please endeavour to complete the schools reading record and leave a comment every time you read your book.


Don't forget to check out the schools twitter page for regular updates and information.



Mr. Beck and Mrs Grundy

May 2017

What your life would be like if you were alive at the same time as William Shakespeare.