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Welcome back Maple class. I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and you are ready to work hard in the New Year.  We would like to thank you all for your cards, wishes and gifts.


Our curriculum focus this half term will be:



Mental addition and subtraction including money, place value and addition of decimals, co-ordinates and line graphs, mental multiplication and division, written multiplication, fractions, decimals and word problems.



we will be using adverbials of time, place and number, extended noun phrases, relative clauses, sub-ordinate clauses, complex punctuation and formal and informal speech.


Writing- we will be looking at Short stories by Kevin Crossley Holland, arguments and debates and classic poetry- The Highwayman.


We will be looking at different spelling rules and patterns every week then will be tested on the rule each week. However children will need to learn the rule as no spellings will be sent out to practise.


Week 1:  prefix- de e.g. devour, defence

Week 2:  prefix-mis e.g. mislead, misbehave

Week 3: prefix- re e.g. recreate, repair

Week 4: prefix- over e.g overcrowded, overgrown.

week 5: suffix- ent e.g. commitment, dependent

week 6: suffix- able e.g. capable, considerable



Science- Separating mixtures

In this unit children will learn about the separation techniques of filtering, sieving and evaporation. They will use sieves to separate materials of different sizes. They will learn that some substances (such as candyfloss) dissolve in water whilst others (such as dried herbs) do not. They will learn that they can separate a dissolved solid from a solution through evaporation of the liquid. They will consolidate and apply their knowledge of the properties of solids, liquids and gases by separating different mixtures.



World War Two.

To consider how strong design & properties of materials were used to create air raid shelters.

To prepare & cook using limited range of ingredients.

To use the internet to find as many different types of codes as you can.

To use problem solving/number skills to help write/decipher variety of codes, numerical and otherwise.

To understand during world war 2 people were persecuted. (Anne Frank)

To understand that a diary can be a way of recording.




Lessons take place on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings (with Mr. Beck, Mr. Clarke , Rik from Bury FC and Mrs Saxon).

Please ensure FULL PE kit including suitable footwear is in school on these days, particularly if it has been home for washing or used in an after-school sports activity.

Long hair should be tied back and earrings either removed or taped over for safety.


Guided Reading

Each group will have three guided reading sessions each week. These books won’t be sent home as they will be needed at school. However the children will have a book from the school library to take home as it is imperative that children are reading for pleasure and continuing to develop their reading and comprehension skills (bring to school on a Tuesday to be changed every two weeks).


Home Learning Challenge



Maths homework

Please see the links below for the different online games focusing on multiplication and division. 



Children will be able to choose a book from the school library and will be changed every two weeks, usually on a Tuesday. Please endeavour to complete the schools reading record and leave a comment every time you read your book.


Don't forget to check out the schools twitter page for regular updates and information.



Mr. Beck and Mrs Saxon 

January 2018

Spanish Eyes using percussion

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