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Welcome to the Larch Class!



A warm welcome back to all of our year 4 pupils to the start of the Summer term! We hope you have had an enjoyable rest and are ready to learn. Our curriculum focus this half term will be;


Maths: using the Maths- No Problem! scheme of work, we will be looking at money, mass, length and volume


English; using the Power of Reading scheme, we will be starting a new book called Arthur and the Golden Rope by Joe Todd-Stanton. We will be completing lots of exciting writing based on the book.


Science; we will be starting our new topic looking at animals and their habitats. This will include classifying and grouping animals, understanding food chains and classification keys, and looking at how animals adapt to fit their environmental setting.


Topic; we will be starting our exciting new topic 'Extreme Environments'. We will be looking at the different extreme environments that animals live in all round the world, and how they have changed to help them survive in them.


RE; other religions including Judaism.


PSE; going for goals.


Music - Mrs Geelan will be focusing on songs linking to our Topic.


Our PE sessions will take place on Tuesday afternoons  and Friday mornings  Please make sure you have a full PE kit in school and tracksuit bottoms for chillier days if we are outside. It's usually easier to leave your kit here and take it home for a well-deserved wash at the end of each half term. Please could girls remember to have a bobble to tie back their hair and we will provide tape to cover any earrings worn. It's also a good idea to include a pair of socks in the kit if girls like to wear tights for school.

Spelling - Spelling lists will no longer be sent home. Instead, we will have a weekly class focus spelling pattern each week. It would be extremely helpful if you could practice words relating to this spelling pattern with your child at home.


Week 1- homophones (there/their/they're)

Week 2- 'ly' and 'ally' (accidentally and musically)

Week 3- 'en' and 'on' (sudden and lesson)

Week 4- 'able and 'ibly' (possible and lovable)

Week 5 and 6- recap of spelling patters from the Autumn term

Maths - My Maths homework will no longer be set. Instead, children will be asked to complete Bug Club activities at home. Each week children will be asked to complete a specific task linking to our grammar focus of that week or to continue to read the books they have been set.

Reading - Children will be able to select a Home Reading book every other Friday. We have invested in lots of brand new reading books to help children develop a love of reading at home! As some of these books may be quite thick in size, it will be acceptable if your child requires their home reader for an extra week.


Home learning challenges- Home Learning Challenges are due in on Monday 4th June 2018



We look forward to an enjoyable and successful half term!

Mr Cox and Mrs Renshaw