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Welcome to the Larch Class!



Welcome to the summer 1 half term! I hope that everyone has had a fantastic, restful and sunny Easter break and is ready for another busy - and relatively short - half term.


Some Important Dates For Your Diary

Thursday 2nd May - Elm and Larch class trip to Eureka! Please see separate letter for details.

Monday 6th May - School is closed for Bank Holiday.

Friday 24th May - last day in school before summer half term break.


Summer 1 Newsletter

I have uploaded this half term's Newsletter below for your reference and have also updated information about the curriculum under the appropriate headings.

As the children's spelling books stay in school, I have uploaded the weekly spelling lists to give you the opportunity to support your child as they prepare for the weekly spelling test each Friday. 




Using the Maths- No Problem! scheme of work, we will begin this half term by developing our understanding of decimals by looking at Money (including comparing and rounding amounts of money and using all four operations to solve a variety of money problems) before moving on to focus on Mass, Volume and Length (which will involve lots of measuring and weighing in addition to using our ability to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 to convert between units of measurement). 


The New Year 4 Times Tables Check:

This year, the Government has introduced a new times tables test for children at the end of Year 4 which will test the children's recall of their times tables up to and including 12 x 12.

The Times Tables check will take place during June and will be accessed on either a lap top or iPad. A times tables question will appear on the screen and the children will have a few seconds to accurately input their answer before the next question appears.

Recall and fluency of times tables is the cornerstone to maths success in Years 5, 6 and beyond so any time spent practising  times tables is time well spent. Playing Times Tables Rock Stars is particularly beneficial as it follows the same format as the Times Tables check - and it's fun!



We will be studying a beautifully illustrated book called This Morning I Met A Whale by Michael Morpurgo which is a work of fiction based upon a real event (a northern bottle-nosed whale left its natural habitat and swam up the River Thames in London in January 2006). The book will allow us to further explore the important current environmental issues we were introduced to when we explored One Plastic Bag last half term and will be the inspiration for us to write powerful persuasive texts, play scripts and newspaper reports.

Our SPAG target is to consolidate punctuating direct speech and using possessive apostrophes and apostrophes used to show contractions.

The five spelling lists for this half term can be found lower down on this page.



Our new topic is Animals In Danger which will perfectly complement our English work and the whale's message about how we are damaging our planet. Our studies will include: pollution caused by plastic; the impact of commercial fishing and land development on the turtle population; the uses of plam oil, deforestation and the impact on orangutans; and also how global warming is affecting polar bears. 



We will continue to study The Stone, Iron and Bronze Ages until the half term break.

We will investigate Stonehenge before moving on to study The Iron Age with particular emphasis on The Celts and Hillforts. 



Apologies for any confusion but our PE days have changed again!

During the summer 1 half term, our PE sessions will take place on Thursday afternoons (led by a professional coach) and also on Friday afternoons (led by Mrs Newby).


Please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school; it's usually easier to leave kits at school and take them home for a well-deserved wash at the end of each half term. Please could girls remember to have a bobble to tie back their hair and we will provide tape to cover any earrings worn. 


Many thanks for supporting your child as they completed their second set of Home Learning Challenges. I thoroughly enjoyed reading their books and seeing the models and posters they had completed at home.

Spelling - It would be extremely helpful if you could practice words relating to this spelling pattern with your child at home.


Week 1- singular and plural nouns with possessive apostrophes

Week 2- key homophones (words which sound the same but which have different meanings and spelling)

Week 3 - words from the Year 3 and 4 spelling list

Week 4- words which end in ive

Week 5 - words which end in able and ible


Maths - it would be hugely beneficial if you could encourage your child to practise their times tables all of the way up to 12 x 12 at home. Not only will this help them with the new end of Year 4 times tables test but will also really help with the Years 5 and 6 maths curriculum. 


Home Learning Challenges - the third set of HLC will be sent home soon. 

Reading - Children will be able to select a Home Reading book from the school library every Monday. We have invested in lots of brand new reading books to help children develop a love of reading at home! As some of these books may be quite thick in size, it will be acceptable if your child requires their home reader for an extra week.

In addition, the children can choose a book to read in school from our well stocked library corner and there are also Guided Reading sessions twice a week.


We look forward to an enjoyable and successful half term!

Mrs Newby, Mrs Trundle, Ms Claypool, Miss Wray and Mrs Mallen