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Welcome to the Larch Class!



Welcome to the second half of the autumn term! I hope that everyone has had a restful half term holiday and is ready for what is always a very busy and exciting time in school!


Our curriculum focus this half term will be:

Maths: using the Maths- No Problem! scheme of work, we will be learning and practising mental and written methods to multiply and divide and we will also apply this learning to problem solving.


English: using the Power of Reading scheme, we will be enjoying a book called Varjak Paw which will provide opportunities to write diaries, play scripts, newspaper reports and explanations.


Science: our second topic is Teeth, Digestion and Food Chains and will involve investigating: the names and functions of teeth; the impact of diet on the teeth of animals including lions and sheep; how to look after teeth to keep them healthy; the main parts and functions of the human digestive system; and also the meaning of food chain vocabulary including producer, consumer, predator and prey.


Topic: we will continue our brilliant topic, The Romans, and are looking forward to our enriching visit to The Dewa Centre in Chester on Thursday 1st November. Before Christmas, we will endeavour to answer the following questions: How and why did the Romans build roads in Britain? Who was Emperor Hadrian and what was he famous for? 


RE: prayer.


PSE: New Beginnings.


Music - Mrs Geelan will be focusing on songs linking to our Topic and, as the term progresses, Christmas!


Our PE sessions will take place on Wednesday afternoons (with a professional coach) and also on Friday mornings (with the Larch teaching team). Please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school and tracksuit bottoms for chillier days if we are outside. It's usually easier to leave kits at school and take them home for a well-deserved wash at the end of each half term. Please could girls remember to have a bobble to tie back their hair and we will provide tape to cover any earrings worn. It's also a good idea to include a pair of socks in the kit if girls like to wear tights for school.

Spelling - Spelling lists will no longer be sent home, but are available on this web page. Instead, we will have a class focus spelling pattern each week. It would be extremely helpful if you could practice words relating to this spelling pattern with your child at home.


Week 1- word beginning de, re, pre and non

Week 2- words which end in ly

Week 3 - words which end in sure and ture

Week 4- words which end in ous, ious and eous

Week 5 - words which end in tion and ation

Week 6 - words which end in sion, ssion and cian

Week 7 - words beginning with auto, circ and anti

Maths - it would be hugely beneficial if you could encourage your child to practise their times tables all of the way up to 12 x 12 at home. Not only will this help them with the new end of Year 4 times tables test but will also really help with the Years 5 and 6 maths curriculum. 


Home Learning Challenges - the first set of HLC are due back into school on Monday 10th December. I am really looking forward to seeing what the children have been learning, cooking and creating at home. 

Reading - Children will be able to select a Home Reading book from the school library every Monday. We have invested in lots of brand new reading books to help children develop a love of reading at home! As some of these books may be quite thick in size, it will be acceptable if your child requires their home reader for an extra week.

In addition, the children can choose a book to read in school from our well stocked library corner and there are also Guided Reading sessions twice a week.





We look forward to an enjoyable and successful half term!

Mrs Newby, Mrs Renshaw, Ms Claypool and Miss Wray