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Home Learning Challenges

As well as their weekly spellings, the My Maths online homework and regular home reading, we have introduced our Home Learning Challenges that support our cross-curricular topic work each half-term. I am hopeful that the changes will allow the children to follow their own interests and become more independent learners.


An activities sheet which gives a range of possible tasks for the children to complete each half-term will be inside the Home Learning Challenges book. These activities are linked to the class topic. The children can choose to do as many activities as they wish. Completed activities should be brought into school during the last week of each half term when all learning will be celebrated and will be shared with the class. The children can earn merits for their home learning challenges and with some of the extended activities it is possible to earn up to 6 merits.


The activities sheet indicates the maximum number of merits that will be awarded for each completed task.


Towards the end of the autumn term, I will be sending out a short questionnaire asking for your feedback on the new homework arrangements. However, in the meantime, do come in and discuss these changes with your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.


Many thanks for your continuing support.