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Hello and welcome to Elm's class page!


 Welcome back to school for the second half of the Autumn term!


You will find information about the curriculum and important dates below.


A member of staff is always available to greet you at the door each morning should you wish to speak to us about anything. 


Please note that we regularly upload pictures of our learning on Twitter.  Don't forget to check in from time to time.


We hope you will find the information on this page useful, although you are more than welcome to pop in for a chat if you need more specific information. 


Mr Jackson, Mrs Saxon and Mrs Nuttall 



Important Dates:



  • 16th November - Children in Need 
  • 30th November - Pantomime
  • 10th December - Homework deadline
  • 14th December - Christmas dinner day
  • 17th December - Carol service at Christ Church Walshaw
  • 19th December - Christmas party day
  • 20th December - Last day in school before Christmas holidays (Closes at 2pm) 
  • Monday 17th June to Friday 28th June-Y3 Swimming (during the school day)


Curriculum Information




This half term our class novel is 'The Pugs of the Frozen North' by Phillip Reeve. The children are extremely excited to begin this book and we are really looking forward to creating many quality pieces of work based on the text!


National Curriculum objectives covered in this teaching sequence:


Writing: (Transcription /Composition) 

  • Plan writing by discussing writing similar to that which they are planning to write, learning from its structure, vocabulary and grammar. 
  • Draft and write by composing and rehearsing sentences orally; 
  • In narrative create settings, characters and plot; 
  • Develop creative and imaginative writing by adopting creating and sustaining a range of roles.


Reading: (Word reading / Comprehension)

Develop positive attitudes to reading by listening to and discussing a wide range of fiction

Increase familiarity with a range of books

Identify themes and conventions

Discuss words and phrases that capture readers’ interest and imagination

Ask questions to improve understanding of the text  

  • Draw inferences' about characters, feelings thoughts, emotions and actions.


We regularly teach handwriting in order to encourage the children to write in a neat, joined style. We will be focusing on ensuring ascenders and descenders are formed correctly and we have provided the children with a special handwriting book to practise in.


We will be focusing upon the following aspects of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar which are part of our daily lessons:

Spelling- We will be looking at a range of spelling patterns and exploring a range of prefixes and suffixes.  

Week 1 - Making plurals i.e. chickens, boxes, flies 

Week 2 - Adding ed i.e. jumped, skipped, hopped.  

Week 3 - tion and ation endings i.e. station, mention, education  

Week 4 - -sion endings  i.e. vision, version, explosion 

Week 5 - -ly endings i.e. sadly, angrily, gently  

Week 6- sure endings i.e. measure, treasure, pleasure 

Week 7 - ture endings i.e. nature, picture, creature




  • using the past, present and future tense correctly
  • using inverted commas to demarcate speech
  • using fronted adverbials to create a range of sentence starters  
  • Using an apostrophe to indicate possession. 
  • Prepositions 
  • Identifying main clauses and using subordinate clauses



We operate a carousel reading lesson 3 times a week.  In these lessons, your child will have 2 guided sessions per week where aspects of reading are explored in detail. In addition activities are provided to facilitate independent learning. These activities often include mathematical games, applying known computing skills, spellings, handwriting and comprehensions. Bug Club is also used during guided reading and you can access this with your child at home if you wish.



Using the Singapore Maths approach to learning we continue this half term with looking at addition and subtraction, moving towards more formal methods and applying these to word problems. We will then be moving on to multiplication and division.

In addition we will have regular opportunities throughout the week to maintain and develop our number skills including practising the 3, 4 and 8 times tables with related division facts. It would be highly beneficial for your child to learn these at home too. We will also spend time revising strategies for solving calculations for all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).




This half term our science topic is 'Light and Shadow'. We will identifying a variety of light sources and looking at the difference between objects that supply light and reflect light. We will be conducting a variety of investigations testing what materials block/absorb and reflect light. We also be investigating how shadows are made and if there is a correlation between size of shadow and distance from the light source. In addition, we will also be looking at the dangers of the sun and how we can protect ourselves from it.



Our topic this term is the Romans. The children will be learning when the Roman period took place, and use secondary sources of evidence to find out about the Roman way of life. We will also explore how the Romans have influenced our lives today e.g. the building of roads. In addition, we will be improving our map reading skills by locating countries during the spread of the Roman Empire and important Roman roads around the UK. We will also be exploring other Roman topics such as; soldiers, baths and the revolution of Queen Boudicca.



RE: Our topic this half term is 'called by God' and we will be exploring a range of stories in which people have been called by God in both the bible i.e. Jonah and the whale and other more recent experiences. 


SEAL: Going for Goals. Children will be taught to recognise their worth as individuals, by identifying positive things about themselves and their achievements, seeing their mistakes, making amends and setting personal goals. They will also recognise the risk in different situations and then decide how to behave responsibly.



Key information:



Monday and Wednesday. Children must have a full PE kit in school and remember to tie long hair back. Children with earrings must either take them out or use tape to cover them for health and safety reasons. Our Monday PE sessions will be developing our football skills, looking at a range of techniques such as dribbling, shooting, passing and tackling. In addition, the children will be taught hockey on wednesdays.


Home Reading Books : 
Changed on Fridays
Please keep books and records in book bags every day to allow for reading opportunities in school.  We would be very grateful if you could aim to write a short comment on your child's reading at home. Please note that any lost books will result in a fee for replacement. 
Purple Mash Username:  firstname15  Password:  (Mr Jackson, Mrs Saxon and Mrs Nuttall have the passwords if needed) 
Bug Club Username: firstname15  Password: (Same as My Maths and Purple Mash) School code: rhxx