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Cross country team

Sport morning at Walshaw Sports Club

Basketball team:

v Higher Lane (lost)

v King David (won)


semi final 

v St.Marys (lost)



Boccia (A, B and C team) Final- lost against Wesley- Silver position.

Hockey Team Results:


v Wesley 2-0 (w)

v St. Mary’s 5-0 (w)

v St. Davids 4-0 (w)


semi final 

v Hazelhurst 3-0 (w)

v Greenmount 4-3 (l) golden goal in extra time. 


The team will now represent Bury at the Manchester winter school games. 

Boys football team results:


St. John’s with St. Marks 7-0 (w)

St. Marie’s 4-2 (w)

St. John’s 9-0 (w)

Greenhill 2-0 (w)

St. Andrews 8-1 (w)

Greenmount 4-1 (w)


Boys football team