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Lancashire cricket finals. Northern Cricket Club

Girls Cricket Team


vs Wesley, won

vs St. Andrews, won

vs Holcombe Brook, lost.

vs Summerseat, won

Athletics 2017

Boys Cricket Team


Kwik cricket finals.


St.Johns with St.Marks-won

St. Peters- won

Unsworth- won.


Lancashire Cricket Finals.

Park Brow (Knowsley) won.

Hambleton (Wyre) won

Bleakhill (St Helens) won


Quarter Final 

Bradley (Pendle) lost.


Bury Cricket


vs St Johns with St Marks won 298 - 258


Vs Holly Mount. Won 281- 270

vs Elton. Won 286-242



Art Exhibition 2017

Match reports

Boys Football Team. 


Draw 3-3 Elton

won 7-0 Hazelhurst

won 4-0 Wesley

won 6-1 Hollins Grundy

won 3-1 Chesham

lost 1-0 Bury Grammar 

won 3-0 St. Marie's

won 3-1 Sunnybank

won 3-1 St. Joseph and St.Bedes 

lost 7-2 Hollymount

lost 4-4 hollymount 6-4 aet

won 17-2 Cams Lane 


Girls Football Team. 


CCW 1 vs  6 St. Peter's (friendly)

CCW 1 vs. 0 Fairfield (cup)

CCW 5 vs 1 Elton (cup)

CCW 10 vs 1 St.Marys (cup)

CCW 0 vs 6 Holcombe Brook (cup)

CCW 2 - 2 Woodbank lost on penalties


Basketball team

Boccia team

Cinderella & Rockerfella


Well done to all of the children who performed brilliantly in Cinderella & Rockerfella! The performance on Tuesday 13th December at Tottington High School received some incredible reviews!


All cast members have received a DVD with photographs and below is the link to a recording of the performance.

If you click on the link you can enjoy a short preview or you can download to watch the whole performance.


Here are a few photographs...

Art Club


Following the successful Paul Klee portraits and the amazing production of Cinderella & Rockerfella, the Art Club children are just about ready for their trip to Bury Art Gallery. There, we will have a wonderful morning directed by local artists. We will enjoy participating in a range of activities. Following this trip we will begin preparing for our Art Exhibition in Spring Term 2.




Children of Bury Sing 2017